June 6, 2006

Welcome to my humble abode

For those of you that don't know, i'm boarding on my own now and yes, I was in 'hibernation mode' a.k.a. no progress mode. Most of you know it as exam week. Today i'll take you on a tour of my new place. Along the way, we'll meet a friend of mine, and of course, i'll be sharing with you my thoughts and experiences so far at my home away from home. The location is a five minute walk from campus. The area is calm and quiet, perhaps the most remote area in this part of San Ignacio. When I first got here, I made friends with everyone (well, except for Mr. Romeo's wife. I don't know why; she seems okay from here though). Mr. Romeo, the land lord, is quite a guy! He's straight up, calls every body 'mi brotha' or 'primo', and can really make one feel at home. The first few days went by so well. I managed to recruit Danny and Partick a.k.a Murphy Murphy into 'Unreal' territories, that is, I convinced them to become soldiers in 'Unreal Tournament' --- a game known to any true gamer. We played this every night until Patrick left us to go hang out with his mother for the first time in 12 years. (way to go Murphy) Danny sticked around which was how I managed to know more about him. There isn't much to say about Danny except that he's short and crazy as hell.

See what I mean?! This is Danny doing what he calls 'water-picking'. You can read more about 'water-picking' and why we do it at Danny's blog. I must say that since I got here things have changed a bit in terms of cleanliness. For the first time ever, i've actually kept my room clean....psyke!!!
I need not say more... these pictures are worth more than a thousand words....The End.