January 29, 2008


Coming into 2008 I find myself in more complications than the time I was introduced to the potty. Let’s just say transitioning from fantasy land to the real world hasn’t been too sexy for me – there’s much to be done.

On the list (in chronological order): choose a career, continue school for a while, get a job (hmmm), get a wife (that’s easy), build a house (or ark whichever strikes my fancy), get a new bike, watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford, have a baby Leo or Tracy, get a third job, etc… What a life!

I got a couple of calls to make and some errands to run, guess I’ll see you around.

January 28, 2008

Picture Sundays

Andy Ko contemplating his next move. Regional Chess Tournament, Orange Walk Town.Andy Ko contemplating his next move. Regional Chess Tournament 2008; Orange Walk Town.

Regional Chess Tournament 2008, Orange Walk Town.Regional Chess Tournament 2008 kicks off at the Sports Complex; Orange Walk Town.

Juventus F.C. manager Salvador Leiva at the People's StadiumA day of football with Sugar Boys Juventus manager Salvador "Juice" Leiva. The People's Stadium; Orange Walk Town.

Range Rover.Helwas' daddy's obsolete Range Rover.

January 22, 2008

Nomination Day 2008 — Orange Walk

United Democratic Party supporters parade the streets of Orange Walk Town on nomination day 2008.United Democratic Party supporters parade the streets of Orange Walk Town on nomination day 2008.

Coming at you with some fresh pictures of nomination day 2008 in Orange Walk.

United Democratic Party (UDP) candidates Marcel Cardona, Gaspar Vega, and Rosendo United Democratic Party (UDP) candidates Marcel Cardona, Gaspar Vega, and Rosendo "Chendo" Urbina salute supporters on Main Street, Orange Walk Town.

People United Party (PUP) candidates and supporters march.People United Party (PUP) candidates and supporters march.


Weather reports say we’ll be experiencing another cold front. Luckily my feet are kept to temperature by a 130 watt subwoofer during the cold though I wish I had the choice of not wearing fleece all day round. My room's looking misty. Maybe I should close the windows. On the other hand...

I've been eating like a hobbit lately, having breakfast, breakfast before lunch, lunch, lunch before dinner etc...

Routinely, I walk in circles before breakfast. This morning I couldn’t help but notice a figure sitting on the couch. I walked by thinking “white-haired, aged, short, soft and stocky… sounds like a troll”. Not sure if she's enjoying the weather or praying but my grandma’s been sitting on that couch since she got here. This is the grandma dad imported to “fix” our terrorist ways while we were growing. The level of respect and order in the environment she damanded set her apart from any granny in the world. She used to strike us with a stick because we looked too tender. Granny Mrs. Quan’s presence terrified us (which perfectly explains why my bed’s been well spread this week). She’ll be in for a few more days but who’s counting.

Jose Ruben Melendez Quan a.k.a. my dad has been weirder than usual these days. He’s sporting white shoes, long sleeves, and carries with him a Sony Walkman CD player.

Sony Walkman Portable CD Player Model No. D-SJ301 with G-Protection (hahaha).

January 12, 2008

Picture Sundays

Yesterday, I set foot on an afternoon of picture taking in Orange Walk Town. Diego was taking his new camera out for a spin so I tagged along. Not sure how he managed to pull this one off but this time he got us a model and a pretty good one too (better than any that I've had).

Dianellie Medina: very pregnant and damn photogenic.

We shot at two locations: first at some random unsupervised private property, and second at Lamanai Riverside Retreat. The folks at Lamanai were so kind to have provided us with something a bit more than the average human model. How about a super vicious model!

Baby Crocodile: very relaxed and damn photogenic.

January 2, 2008

Picture Sundays: End of Year Edition

UDP candidate for Orange Walk central, Rosendo UDP candidate for Orange Walk central, Rosendo "Chendo" Urbina.

Some Dudes new guitaristNew guitarist joins local rock band, Some Dudes.

Once more, I find myself in front of this machine sharing my interests for those that spare the time.

2007 got the most of me while returning from a business trip a couple weeks ago. For sanity sake, I decided to take the remainder of the year off. It's been long and rough but entertaining nonetheless. Resolutions anybody?

It's 1pm in sunny Orange Walk Town. I'm steering out my bedroom window as I type, wondering what the new year will bring. The future seems so distant and already it feels taxing. Speaking of taxing, here's a picture of UDP candidate for Orange Walk central, Rosendo "Chendo" Urbina. He runs against number one contender, Johnny Briceno in the battle of the big kahunas. Come election day in March we'll find out who'll be fondling our tax dollars. Yuck (not at you Chendo, you're photogenic).

Pepe's the latest addition to the local rock band, Some Dudes. He's from Yo Creek (a village in Orange Walk) and pukes before a big gig. That's all I know. Come to think of it, very little is known of him. This was taken moments before a performance in Corozal Town.

Sadly, I ditched the guys (something I'm infamously known for) this Christams Eve and New Year's Eve to spend some hours with that person that's been taking up all my time lately. And that's as selfish as I can get. I haven't spent time with them for a while. I'm certain/hoping they won't miss me. Raas mein. Should I bend over for a spanking? Sorry fellas.

Jack Palma and sidekickJoaquin Palma and sidekick walk the streets of Orange Walk Town on Independence Day.

Three generations engage in conversation.Three generations engage in conversation at Banquitas, Orange Walk Town.

As always, hope you've enjoyed. Thanks for stoping by. It's been a pleasure.