November 16, 2009


I’ve been nothing short of machine-like these days. So much that I’ve been losing weight, time in the sun, and much of the essential bond with my girlfriend.

I read an interview once where Hugh Jackman mentioned that his trick to staying fit was to eat small servings but many times throughout a day. And that sounds like what I’ve been doing lately. Pretty much. Only now, I’ve dropped below my average weight and Tracy says it’s not looking healthy. Maybe I’m sick. Note to self: Take a break from "la trabajar" to eat like normal people this week to find out if you have cancer.

Working indoors, on a computer is also taking a toll. I’m beginning to look whiter (maybe I’m sick), and am acquiring a natural slouch. I’ve found a solution to the former; take 4 to 5 days between baths and eventually, you start seeing the browner side of life. About the slouching thing, many people have pointed it out before but I wasn’t paying much attention until I saw this picture. Note to self: Need more vitamins and maybe a trip to the gym.

St. Christopher's shoot, November 2009. Picture courtesy of Da Cori.

My relationship with Tracy is on the funny side. She’s unhappy because I haven’t been spending enough time with her. And this is something I can’t figure out so easily because somebody has to pay the bills! Note to self: Welcome to the twenty-first century.

I gots to whip out. Needs to take Caesar to the babysitter. Note to self: Don't forget to get a snack for Caesar on the way.