April 27, 2009

Preparing for the Big Move

I have a strong feeling that this week, Tracy and baby will be moving in. All this means is that it's time to clean up and roll out for both of us.

We've come to realize that living apart just doesn't work. For one, moving around requires a lot of energy and two, it sucks spending the night apart even if loneliness happens only once or twice a week.

Caesar sipping on baby juice. April 2009.

The sucky part about this is that I'll have to move my room/office/sanctuary outside, into the wilderness, to another room, still inside my house. All the old memories, and privacy will be only but a figment of my imagination.

I still live with my parents, and they have no clue of what's about to happen. They probably won't notice either. They're of the type that are never around, so I'm expecting a smooth transition.

My sister says this type of madness doesn't happen in places like the United States. She believes that, unlike American boys, I'm not man enough to move out on my own. The truth is, I'm only just realizing what it takes to feed a family single handedly, and it's not easy, not one bit. But by human instinct, I am looking forward to that day when I can walk nude in my own house.

Dang, what a week in hand! Is anybody going to Agriculture Show? Before it slips my mind, Man Utd play the first leg of the Champions League semi finals at Old Trafford this Wednesday (wear your red), and Ricky Hatton fights Mani Pacquiao on May 2. Ciao.

April 8, 2009

In True Manc Spirit

It's April again and than means this post will be about football. Don't worry this will only take a bit. If you don't like the best things in life, just pack your bags and go home. Easy peasy.

Next week Manchester United travel to Portugal to defend the European Cup in a match against against F.C. Porto. It's the quarter final, return match. United must win to progress. Mark your Calendars! On April 15th wear your red!