October 24, 2007

Locked Out

Orange Walk has been chilly these last couple of days. Local weather reports say the northern regions of Belize will be experiencing a cold front. It’s better than all the heat we’ve had during previous months. Minus all the headaches, it reminds me of Guatemala — cool, gloomy and beautiful for taking pictures. Even more, it’s the kind of weather that makes me want to be close to someone. Ah, the memories…

Overcast skies in Orange Walk Town.

I woke up this morning with a plan to take pictures. I put the volume up on my favorite trance playlist, picked up my camera, and headed out the back door. I surveyed the area, took a couple of shots and retired to view them on my computer. I walked towards the door and noticed it was locked.

Calmly, I thought it could have been the new house maid who was unaware that someone was outside. So I went out front to verify, enjoying the atmosphere on the way.

I rang on the door repeatedly until it hit me — I was alone and locked out. It must have been the wind that pushed the door.

I was getting hungry, the air chillier now, and there I stood outside, boxer shorts only, in the cold, with a camera hung around my neck. By this time I was already upstairs checking if any doors were left opened. Then I turned to the windows but they were all barred, every single one of them.

As expected, an eight-legged spider in the backyard.

Half hour later, I heard someone ringing on the door; it was the house maid. Looking down from upstairs, in the pushup position, trying to hide my half nakedness, I communicated with her. I learnt that my parents had gone to Chetumal and that she had no access to house keys. So she went back home. No cleaning, no cooking — what a blunder on my part!

Permit me to elaborate on this. It was my dad’s idea to introduce yet another house maid. We’ve had scores in the past, but mom couldn’t put up with them for long. This time, he said he wasn’t getting enough cooperation from “us”, me and younger sibling, but I know it was an attack aiming right at me, at my forehead if I may. If something happens to me tonight, can I stay at your place?

Don’t ask how but I managed to get in at the four hour mark. I was watching football and having breakfast in the living room by 2:15pm. It was a victory feast.

Hmmm, wonder what my parents will say when they get home tonight to find out that there’s no food on the table.

Update: Unmoved by the news, my parents are here having supper. Hmmm, must be the weather. Turns out mom had cooked before she left. I love you mom but I hate chicken!

October 21, 2007

Picture Sundays II

In this second installment of Picture Sundays, I'll be kicking things off with a picture of startup rock band "No Service" after their debut performance at a neighborhood picnic in Orange Walk Town.

I missed the live show. But I've been listening to them for weeks during band practice at home, so it's likely I didn't miss much. No Service: Adrian, Jasmine, Johan, Billy Jeane, Edwin (from left).

Last night, after a slight shower, Sugar City became cool and slightly windy. I decided to take a stroll down Queen Elizabeth Park to enjoy the night's ambiance. For a while, I stood adjacent to a hot dog stall where two elderly men exchanged words.

Elderly men conversing at Queen Elizabeth Park in Orange Walk Town.

The rest of the night turned out great. I met Efrain in town where we had a short chat. Convinced, I packed up and headed to his place to watch "Superbad", the flick my younger sister once referred to as "perverted". In his own words, "Superbad is flawless". It's the exact opposite of a chick flick — wild, crazy, and curse words galore!

The following pair was taken at Caesar's Guest house in Cayo and in grama's backyard respectively.

Gyula and Crypto.

Experimenting with water — it's inevitable. Like smoke and fire, the effects of water are mesmerizing. I took a dish to the bathroom sink, and released the water. I must have taken over thirty shots to get this one in. Ripple in the bathroom sink.

And that's it for this edition of Picture Sundays. Hope you enjoyed.

October 7, 2007

TUV Presents: Picture Sundays

As much as I don’t like them, this October I’m planning to complicate my life with commitments. I know, I hate them too but you’ve got to understand, I’m trying to save myself here. Being a bum for more than 5 months was a lifetime achievement but now it’s time to move on, right mom?

That said, starting today and every other Sunday thereafter, until my Picasa account exceeds its limit, I’ll be posting my most recent pictures. Enjoy.

(From Left) Friend1, Nelsie, and friend2 at Nelsie's 5th Birthday Party.

Baby Frieda on hammock at Caesar's Guesthouse in Cayo.

Scenic morning sky. Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town.

From assistant to fashion model, photo shoots with Zamir have never been this fun. View the Portraits album here.

October 5, 2007

Feel This

One can’t disagree that a lot of talk about thoughts and feelings has been circulating these days.

Women are mourning about departed pets – Cuddles is gone now Vicky, but we do know that wherever he went, that’s exactly where he is. Close friends are encountering asshats at unpredictable rates – hey, hey, relax Danni boy, there’s plenty more where that came from. And others are agonizing about school and stress management.

Not that I don’t appreciate the openness fellas, but sometimes I do feel left out from all the sensitive talk. Yes, I know. I haven’t been expressing myself in the most vivid ways. Truth is, lately, there’s more thinking than anything going on in this big head of mine.

It’s been nine months since I set foot in a classroom and five since I’ve had a real job. I’ve had the luxury to sort out my life during this time (thanks Dad for supporting while mom and sis thought I was being a retard). I’ve simplified the possibilities down to the most obvious, to the point where I’m feeling comfortable enough to take on the next step. And this is what I want in life – to have comfort and confidence see me through to the next step.

Granted, things won’t always be this way, but I'm sure my friends and family will be there to renew lost feelings. It’s a mutual thing; we’ll never be alone.

And this is how I feel.