October 7, 2007

TUV Presents: Picture Sundays

As much as I don’t like them, this October I’m planning to complicate my life with commitments. I know, I hate them too but you’ve got to understand, I’m trying to save myself here. Being a bum for more than 5 months was a lifetime achievement but now it’s time to move on, right mom?

That said, starting today and every other Sunday thereafter, until my Picasa account exceeds its limit, I’ll be posting my most recent pictures. Enjoy.

(From Left) Friend1, Nelsie, and friend2 at Nelsie's 5th Birthday Party.

Baby Frieda on hammock at Caesar's Guesthouse in Cayo.

Scenic morning sky. Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town.

From assistant to fashion model, photo shoots with Zamir have never been this fun. View the Portraits album here.


DOm said...

real men wear pink? ha

Tracy said...

How fun, looking forward to the following Picture Sundays... keep it up, even after Oct. ;)

Nice shots, Liked the mood and colors present in baby Freida's shot, Beautiful sky... and
Zamir is still my fav model.

Everything has a reason why said...

loove the baby freida one.. really

Daniel H. Schluckebier said...

Kick ass pictures, hope you have time to share more of em'.

Beth said...

I love pix, of babies and kids. Your's are nice. When I grow up and have kids of my own, can you shot them?

Better though... why don't you shot some at my school?

Leonardo Melendez said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

@Tracy: I'll give you a heads up after our next shoot.

@Beth: With pleasure.

Roy Rosado said...

sup Fahmbly,
lol...this sunday..was the shit..why didn't you take pic of this sunday...lol..was sunday night right? lol.. nice pics...keep it up.

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Roy: This weekend was definitely that and you know I can't be taking pictures like that. It would probably be too hazardous for my camera.