October 24, 2007

Locked Out

Orange Walk has been chilly these last couple of days. Local weather reports say the northern regions of Belize will be experiencing a cold front. It’s better than all the heat we’ve had during previous months. Minus all the headaches, it reminds me of Guatemala — cool, gloomy and beautiful for taking pictures. Even more, it’s the kind of weather that makes me want to be close to someone. Ah, the memories…

Overcast skies in Orange Walk Town.

I woke up this morning with a plan to take pictures. I put the volume up on my favorite trance playlist, picked up my camera, and headed out the back door. I surveyed the area, took a couple of shots and retired to view them on my computer. I walked towards the door and noticed it was locked.

Calmly, I thought it could have been the new house maid who was unaware that someone was outside. So I went out front to verify, enjoying the atmosphere on the way.

I rang on the door repeatedly until it hit me — I was alone and locked out. It must have been the wind that pushed the door.

I was getting hungry, the air chillier now, and there I stood outside, boxer shorts only, in the cold, with a camera hung around my neck. By this time I was already upstairs checking if any doors were left opened. Then I turned to the windows but they were all barred, every single one of them.

As expected, an eight-legged spider in the backyard.

Half hour later, I heard someone ringing on the door; it was the house maid. Looking down from upstairs, in the pushup position, trying to hide my half nakedness, I communicated with her. I learnt that my parents had gone to Chetumal and that she had no access to house keys. So she went back home. No cleaning, no cooking — what a blunder on my part!

Permit me to elaborate on this. It was my dad’s idea to introduce yet another house maid. We’ve had scores in the past, but mom couldn’t put up with them for long. This time, he said he wasn’t getting enough cooperation from “us”, me and younger sibling, but I know it was an attack aiming right at me, at my forehead if I may. If something happens to me tonight, can I stay at your place?

Don’t ask how but I managed to get in at the four hour mark. I was watching football and having breakfast in the living room by 2:15pm. It was a victory feast.

Hmmm, wonder what my parents will say when they get home tonight to find out that there’s no food on the table.

Update: Unmoved by the news, my parents are here having supper. Hmmm, must be the weather. Turns out mom had cooked before she left. I love you mom but I hate chicken!


Tracy said...

Ooooh, Chills just thinking of you in the cold, only in boxers :O. I bet you would say, it was worth it, for your shots... nice pics by the way.
Missing OW. Love this weather too!
Two Winds
My room is free, since I'm not there... Just tell my mom's you staying over:P... Don't go through my stuff. hehe

Everything has a reason why said...

lol- in boxers leo!! lol that must have been funny!

priscie said...

I liked this. It made me giggle. That must have been quite funny afterwards.
I guess it's chilly everywhere. just want to stay where it's warm.

Domanick said...

I've been locked out of my house many times, especially since we have a one door access thing going on that still uses skeleton keys. Very ancient doors lock mechanisms. So naturally I am unable to make copy of those type of keys, so only my mom and dad has a copy. Point is, I hate being locked out lol... thank god most of the time I'm out there with my laptop still able to catch the wifi from the garden =D

Daniel H. Schluckebier said...


Come to think of it I bet you mossi mi look freaky. This weekend I was also locked out of my house caz i got home at 3:AM. I was at my brother's house watching a cool movie but i forgot what its called. Dude my nipples get hard when the wind chilly how bout yours?


Is that spider a female?