August 9, 2006

Kids, Don't Try This at Home

You know how I don't trust my barber? Well, today I decided to get a hair cut, only this time with someone I could trust. So I took my dad's grooming kit and marched over to my cousin's house less than a block away. There I met my cousin 'Daddy Yankee' a.k.a. 'Grinch' whom by the way had no trimming experience prior this one. But I trust him, so.... Me: "I want it low and level, no fade."

Inexperienced barber : "Lee man, you sure you no want a fade."

By this time I was looking up and staring at the inexperienced barber in amazment.

This guy must be kidding.

Me :"Sure mein, no fade."

Right there and then, in his dining room, he flicked the switch on the machine and started with the bottom.

At first, the blades were cold and they gave me 'tickilish'. Then, as the machine warmed up, the blades began to sting and scorch my skin every instance they made contact.

I got used to it and it began tickling again. Then I heard my cousin say:

Inexperiened Barber: "Mohawk!"

Me:"What the heck, might as well have some fun while you're at it."

The 'Grinch' in his finest hour.

About twenty minutes later, the deed was done. And let me tell you, barbers do crazy things. Pretty cool huh?!. Wish it was.

You know how sometimes you just wish you could turn back time? Well, I went to my real barber to see what he could make of it. And...

He calls it, the 'reverse mohawk'.

Lesson learnt: Do not trust any barber, nor grinches, especially if they don a "Try It, You'll Like It" t-shirt.

From fun and games to reverse mohawk, I've had a tiresome day. It's 1a.m. and i got to pack my stuff; I'm leaving for Cayo at 4 a.m. Wonder what the guys there might say? I'll tell 'em it's my post-World Cup hairdo. For those of you that already know, please don't ask if you happen to see me around.

August 7, 2006

Reading, writing, learning

I had a cheese sandwich today. It was pretty good.