November 16, 2009


I’ve been nothing short of machine-like these days. So much that I’ve been losing weight, time in the sun, and much of the essential bond with my girlfriend.

I read an interview once where Hugh Jackman mentioned that his trick to staying fit was to eat small servings but many times throughout a day. And that sounds like what I’ve been doing lately. Pretty much. Only now, I’ve dropped below my average weight and Tracy says it’s not looking healthy. Maybe I’m sick. Note to self: Take a break from "la trabajar" to eat like normal people this week to find out if you have cancer.

Working indoors, on a computer is also taking a toll. I’m beginning to look whiter (maybe I’m sick), and am acquiring a natural slouch. I’ve found a solution to the former; take 4 to 5 days between baths and eventually, you start seeing the browner side of life. About the slouching thing, many people have pointed it out before but I wasn’t paying much attention until I saw this picture. Note to self: Need more vitamins and maybe a trip to the gym.

St. Christopher's shoot, November 2009. Picture courtesy of Da Cori.

My relationship with Tracy is on the funny side. She’s unhappy because I haven’t been spending enough time with her. And this is something I can’t figure out so easily because somebody has to pay the bills! Note to self: Welcome to the twenty-first century.

I gots to whip out. Needs to take Caesar to the babysitter. Note to self: Don't forget to get a snack for Caesar on the way.

October 15, 2009

Glitters Forever

I had already given up on getting decent haircuts in this country until I found Glitters.

In the olden days I'd go to my mom's favorite salon for a haircut, which was really just an attempt to bring back the mess I had started on my own head.

When I entered standard 3 (5th grade), it was off to the town's popular barbershops, the types I'd never knew existed if not for peer pressure, where I'd sit down to get a machine and "gillette" haircut for $5 BZD.

The "gillette" is Belizean tongue for a razor blade, held with bare hands by a barber, used to elaborately chisel one's hairline.

The "gillette" is a razor blade, normally held with bare hands by a barber, used to elaborately chisel one's hairline. It made all the difference. Many times I'd walk out sapping up blood with a napkin provided by the barber just after he'd spray my broken skin with an alcohol and water solution.

Once I hit college, I grew tired of the ghetto-glitzy Belizean style haircuts and started experimenting. All through 2008 and 09, I had Tracy cut my hair with a little clipper but she never really got a hang of it — my hair would hardly recover to meet human standards.

This weekend I found hope in the form of Glitters. If you'd like a very hot, certified, no-speako-ingles Mexican hairdresser prancing around in Dolce, dancing in your head with scissors and shampoo, without a farking razor in site, for $9 BZD, you should make an appointment. (Glitters Beauty Salon: #47 San Antonio Road, Orange Walk Town, Belize. Appointments Tel. 600-7827, Tuesday-Friday 1pm to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm.)

September 30, 2009

I Am Not Dead

Just here working hard, watching the occasional football.

August 10, 2009

A Short One

I haven’t been here in a while. It’s not neglect, it’s just that there’s nothing in my head to write about.

It’s been work, planning, and trying to convince myself that it’s time to make a move.

Tracy’s going back to school next week and we still haven’t figured out what’s going to happen to the baby. I’ll probably have to fill in as mom and work-from-home dad until we get on top of things. It’s not going to be pretty but it’s manageable.


June 25, 2009

Know a Real Electrician?

I like to experiment and tinker with things when they misbehave. But if fixing things were only easy, everything would be cool and collected at the end of the day.

Tonight, I'm listening to, and trying to enjoy music on built-in laptop speakers, instead of the ol' Klipsch, because a couple months ago, I thought I was an electrician...

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 computer speaker system.

The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 computer speaker system is not your mother's Altec Lansing setup that came with her new Dell. Oh no, it has more balls than that. This thing is a stallion. I miss you boo :(.

It so happens that the main cord, the one that connects the small speakers to the amp, was giving problems so I decided to fix it...and guess flipping what? It didn't turn out cool and collected like the directions on the label: "Apply pearl-sized amount. Lather up. Rinse. Repeat.". Hmm.

So now, I'm trying to do the right thing, but I get the feeling that it's ovary now for Mr. Klipsch. Unless that is, if you heard of a body known to have great electrical prowess, like that guy from India.

I'm willing to go cross-country, but not overseas to fix the thing. I saw a Radio Shack in Chetumal once (awesome), not sure if they carry these parts. Recommendations anyone?

The things we do for money.

Took these parts out a little exhibition jar I keep on my dresser.

May 22, 2009


I was walking up a very third-world hill this evening and saw two primary school girls, brown skin, pushing two helpless, equally brown skin babies in a twin-stroller down the hill without chasing after it and away they went! This is not a poem.

May 19, 2009

On Wolfram|Alpha

"Today's Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. You enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and growing collection of data to compute the answer."

Saw this marvel gaining hype on CNN yesterday. Very nice to have but not something I could use on a daily basis like Google or Wikipedia. Check out Mashable's Top Ten Wolfram Alpha Easter Eggs. Would like to see what the masses make of this thing. Reminds me of the attention Cuil was getting before launch. Remember, Cuil was once dubbed as Google's search engine rival. Funny.

May 17, 2009

18 Titles and Counting

May 7, 2009


Last July the ophthalmologist prescribed me glasses for life. My vision got bad in high school where I had to use glasses for reading. Wait. That's not right. I was born with bad eyes. Color blindness to be exact.

Being colorblind means that I have trouble distinguishing between colors. Some people have problems with one or two primary colors. Color blindness is hereditary, passed down by women who are almost immune to it, and has no cure. Take a test, maybe you have it.

Does it affect me? Here's a scenario. Tracy asks me to get a light green shirt for the baby. I open the drawer and everything looks green only in different shades. When in reality there's green, light green, orange, some red, khaki. Then without asking for help, I start reasoning. I pick up the orange shirt, "this one can't be green because it has a bit of red in it", ... and I usually end up taking two or three of them back to her.

So yes, it does affect me a lot. For one, I could never become a pilot. I also have problems reading traffic lights. And the irony here is... I'm a graphic designer! Ah well.

Today I was excited for a bit (yes, even I get excited) because, after an eternity of torturing my eyes with a terrible piece of glass (courtesy of Hoy Eye Center), I finally got a decent pair of frames from the US. It wasn't my first preference but in the end, the Oakley Gasket would suffice.

And I won't get my lenses at Hoy either! My experience with Hoy Eye Center (four years ago) has been the shittiest of shitty experiences. Dr. Hoy is, at best, a shark disguised in shiny leather shoes and a fancy pansy office. I feel suckered. We bought some expensive products from him once that didn't even last a year. So much for his designer brand frames. His lenses looked and felt as checomaleco as the frames and service. Instead, go to Chetumal, ask for H1N1 (kidding). Chet is better and cheaper. If you need contact information just post a comment.

Oakley Gasket eye glasses.

May 5, 2009

See you in Rome

Manchester United in Roma!

On May 27 2009, Manchester United will travel to Rome to defend the Champions League cup against the winner of tomorrow's semi-final match between Chelsea and Barcelona. The Champions League is Europe's most lucrative football competition.

May 3, 2009

The Bad Thing about Getting Old

Old men on the streets of Orange Walk Town. Circa August 2008.

The bad thing about getting old is that we start doing less. We approach things with caution, sometimes being too pesimistic. Life becomes more about what not to do. True, I agree that sometimes less is more, but to live a lifetime with such a strategy is boring and unimaginative.

Challenge yourselves to be creative and innovative because one day, you won't have that chance. You'll look like a raisin in the sun, insane in the brain. Suncreen and floss won't even matter then.

With that said, let's go plant some tomatoes or clean our rooms or maybe not.

April 27, 2009

Preparing for the Big Move

I have a strong feeling that this week, Tracy and baby will be moving in. All this means is that it's time to clean up and roll out for both of us.

We've come to realize that living apart just doesn't work. For one, moving around requires a lot of energy and two, it sucks spending the night apart even if loneliness happens only once or twice a week.

Caesar sipping on baby juice. April 2009.

The sucky part about this is that I'll have to move my room/office/sanctuary outside, into the wilderness, to another room, still inside my house. All the old memories, and privacy will be only but a figment of my imagination.

I still live with my parents, and they have no clue of what's about to happen. They probably won't notice either. They're of the type that are never around, so I'm expecting a smooth transition.

My sister says this type of madness doesn't happen in places like the United States. She believes that, unlike American boys, I'm not man enough to move out on my own. The truth is, I'm only just realizing what it takes to feed a family single handedly, and it's not easy, not one bit. But by human instinct, I am looking forward to that day when I can walk nude in my own house.

Dang, what a week in hand! Is anybody going to Agriculture Show? Before it slips my mind, Man Utd play the first leg of the Champions League semi finals at Old Trafford this Wednesday (wear your red), and Ricky Hatton fights Mani Pacquiao on May 2. Ciao.

April 8, 2009

In True Manc Spirit

It's April again and than means this post will be about football. Don't worry this will only take a bit. If you don't like the best things in life, just pack your bags and go home. Easy peasy.

Next week Manchester United travel to Portugal to defend the European Cup in a match against against F.C. Porto. It's the quarter final, return match. United must win to progress. Mark your Calendars! On April 15th wear your red!

March 23, 2009


Why I won't get a tattoo on my butt:

“Because, when I get older, I'll be a little old lady with a butterfly tattoo. Eeew.” — Tracy Tillett, September 2008.

How is the baby? He's fine and you?

Here's a picture of me playing chess in Guatemala... unnaked, with a lot of hair.

Theme Magazine is an interestingly nostalgic cluster of world culture.

Why does the University of Belize's new website look so familiar?

Bored? Watch CNN International. News never gets old and Anjali Rao looks so hot.

A poster for Belize City:

March 5, 2009

Belize Municipal Elections 2009

The United Democratic Party (UDP) will rule Belize for another three years. They swept through all the municipalities with the exception of Orange Walk Town where three (of 7) Peoples' United Party (PUP) candidates got a seat in the rusty old town council building on Queen Victoria Avenue.

It was 2:00 AM when I wrote the first line of this post. It's now 3:20 AM and I'm back from a little excursion with a very few but fresh pictures of the municipal elections 2009 in Orange Walk Town.

Orange Walk Town United Democratic Party (UDP) supporters in motorcade celebrating a victorious municipal election 2009.Orange Walk Town United Democratic Party (UDP) supporters in motorcade celebrating a victorious municipal election 2009.

Phillip De La Fuente (left), the new mayor of Orange Walk Town.Phillip De La Fuente (left), the new mayor of Orange Walk Town.

UDP supporters celebrating a victorious municipal election 2009 on Queen Victoria Avenue, Orange Walk Town.UDP supporters celebrating a victorious municipal election 2009 on Queen Victoria Avenue, Orange Walk Town.

UDP supporters celebrating a victorious municipal election 2009 on Queen Victoria Avenue, Orange Walk Town.UDP supporters celebrating a victorious municipal election 2009 on Queen Victoria Avenue, Orange Walk Town.

February 25, 2009

Natural Selection Revamp

I redesigned this thing because the images where too small. Natural Selection is my 100% Belizean photo project. Check it out, still tweaking some stuff around. You'll probably notice there's no archives page, please bear.

February 10, 2009

PM Dean Barrow Wedding Pictures

"Some may frown at the fact they had to work on their birthday, but my experience yesterday was the total opposite. I took part in an amazing wedding and celebration, in which I not only got to meet the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow and his lovely First Lady Kim Simplis-Barrow, but I got to shoot it!" — via Allison Reisz Photography.

View the pictures here.

February 2, 2009

Pictures: Cane Farmers' Riot in Orange Walk

Northern Highway: Cane farmers protest in Orange Walk, Belize.Northern Highway: Cane farmers protest in Orange Walk, Belize.

Today, major roads leading out of Orange Walk Town were blocked by protesting sugar cane farmers. Nothing in, nothing out. What started out as a peaceful demonstration has now elevated to havoc, leaving two one Belizean dead up to this hour.

Simply put, it was like Lord of the Rings. Farmers charging at the police with sticks and stones, flags, fighting for what they believed in, but unfortunately, people power met the bullet.

You can watch Love FM's website for accurate information. For now, here are some fresh images of Cane Farmers' Riot in Orange Walk town.

Northern Highway: Cane farmers protest in Orange Walk, Belize.Northern Highway: Cane farmers protest in Orange Walk, Belize.

Cane Farmers protest at Toll Bridge, Orange Walk Town, BelizeCane Farmers protest at Toll Bridge, Orange Walk Town, Belize

Cane Farmers block tourists at Toll Bridge, Orange Walk Town, BelizeCane Farmers block tourists at Toll Bridge, Orange Walk Town, Belize

Cane Farmers Protest in front of Belize Sugar Industries, Orange Walk Town, BelizeCane Farmers Protest in front of Belize Sugar Industries, Orange Walk Town, Belize

Cane Farmers Protest in front of Belize Sugar Industries, Orange Walk Town, BelizeShells found at in front of Belize Sugar Industries, Orange Walk Town, Belize

Cane Farmers Protest in front of Belize Sugar Industries, Orange Walk Town, BelizeCane Farmers Protest in front of Belize Sugar Industries, Orange Walk Town, Belize

January 31, 2009

Street Repair in Belize

Street repair done right. How often does this happen in Belize?

Spreading hot tar on Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town, Belize.Spreading hot tar on Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town, Belize.

Normally, pot holes, on highways or feeder roads, are sloppily patched with a mixture of tar and gravel, yielding rough, peculiarly colourful roads that "live up" to international road standards — what you'd expect from a third-world country.

This morning, I was detoured on my way home. I knew they were working on the street but spreading tar?! I didn't see this one coming. Elections must be near.

Steaming hot tar spread on street, Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town, Belize.Steaming hot tar spread on street, Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town, Belize.

Paving streets in Orange Walk Town, Belize.Paving streets in Orange Walk Town, Belize.

It looks fine from this end. Hope it doesn't wash away next month.

January 30, 2009

Vacancies Anyone?

For some time now I have been at home taking care of Caesar. He is now 5 months old and it feels like my time at home should be up. The plan is to go back to school in August to complete my bachelors. From now until then, it makes about 6 months. Lately I find myself just waiting, I hate waiting. It not only feels like I’m only waiting for school to resume for me, it feels like my entire life is on a hold. I feel the need to be more active, move forward, and give more to Caesar than simply taking care of him.

Although I enjoy being at home with Caesar watching him grow, teaching him to eat … I still get this gut feeling that I should be doing more. Every woman probably would enjoy staying at home with the kids, when they are this tiny and enjoyable. I also feel like it’s the best to stay at home with your child especially when they are at a stage where they will do most of their learning. Sometimes I do feel guilty even thinking about leaving him, missing out on some of the special moments; I will always worry about him when I’m away. There will definitely come a day that I will only want to stay home with my baby full-time, maybe after I’ve been exposed to the hectic working world; I give it a few years.

Tonight after Caesar went to bed, I dug up my old files from my Communications class, and found a cover letter and resume. It has crossed my mind too many times that I should go to work until it’s time to go back to school. I looked them over and brushed them up a little; they definitely need more work. I’m thinking about sending a few applications out; there is no one particular job I’m interested in but I have a few places in mind. Let’s see if any opportunities are going to turn up for us.

January 15, 2009

Baby Caesar Wallpaper

Available at 1600x1000, 1280x1024, and 1280x800.

Pictures from Orange Walk, Again

Someday I wish to cover the country the way Tony Rath has. Until then, I'll be here taking pictures in my home town. Last year I upgraded to a Nikon D300. I used to be a Canon man but the move to Nikon has been one of positive experience. Here are some recent pictures.

Lei at New River, Orange Walk Town, December 2008.Lei at New River, Orange Walk Town, December 2008.

Portrait photography is not my thing. It's interesting and challenging but not my thing. When you're on location, staging and interacting with the subject and the environment, it gets interesting. The hardest part is finding a good model and the right location (recommendations anyone?).

Belizean girl chewing chicle.I call this one Chicle.

Yes chicle! "Chicle is the natural gum from Manilkara chicle, which is a tropical evergreen tree native to Central America" — Wikipedia.

Yurumei at La Inmaculada Church on Garifuna Settlement Day 2008Yurumei at La Inmaculada Church on Garifuna Settlement Day 2008.

This shot of Yurumei in Orange Walk won me some front-page exposure and a nice large print thanks to the San Pedro Sun Newspaper. It also got picture of the day on Belize Web for a few days.

January 13, 2009

Leaving the Print Press

In a few weeks I'll be leaving my job at a print press in Orange Walk Town with entrepreneural intentions. This would be the fourth job I've walked away from in 15 months of working. You might think I'm coming off a bit too egotistical but that's okay, I can take that.

For almost two years now, I've been formulating a vision. A vision that has taken a great toll on my being. But today I feel like I've been endowed a third nut and I'm almost ready for the world. Which is why I've decided to be self employed, hopefully full-time.

To me, there's just more thrill chasing after a dream than working in some office doing the same routine over and over every day. Deprived? Suck it!

A few projects are coming in and there's enough money in the bank to keep my boat afloat for a few months. I'll need some prayers and a spoonful of luck for this one.