October 15, 2009

Glitters Forever

I had already given up on getting decent haircuts in this country until I found Glitters.

In the olden days I'd go to my mom's favorite salon for a haircut, which was really just an attempt to bring back the mess I had started on my own head.

When I entered standard 3 (5th grade), it was off to the town's popular barbershops, the types I'd never knew existed if not for peer pressure, where I'd sit down to get a machine and "gillette" haircut for $5 BZD.

The "gillette" is Belizean tongue for a razor blade, held with bare hands by a barber, used to elaborately chisel one's hairline.

The "gillette" is a razor blade, normally held with bare hands by a barber, used to elaborately chisel one's hairline. It made all the difference. Many times I'd walk out sapping up blood with a napkin provided by the barber just after he'd spray my broken skin with an alcohol and water solution.

Once I hit college, I grew tired of the ghetto-glitzy Belizean style haircuts and started experimenting. All through 2008 and 09, I had Tracy cut my hair with a little clipper but she never really got a hang of it — my hair would hardly recover to meet human standards.

This weekend I found hope in the form of Glitters. If you'd like a very hot, certified, no-speako-ingles Mexican hairdresser prancing around in Dolce, dancing in your head with scissors and shampoo, without a farking razor in site, for $9 BZD, you should make an appointment. (Glitters Beauty Salon: #47 San Antonio Road, Orange Walk Town, Belize. Appointments Tel. 600-7827, Tuesday-Friday 1pm to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm.)


Efrain said...

Dude is it that good... Glitters?

Whats so special, the service or the finish?

might try it out... getting really tired of the ghetto haircut too.

post some pics of your new haircut man... persuade me.


Leonardo Melendez said...

It's an all around cool experience, no complaints. Good service, decent cut, perhaps the best cut I got since I was a kid. Way better than dem ghetto barber shop out town.

Zamir said...

Atleast compliment the person who introduced you to the salon.

That place is relaxing with comfort.
p.s. She even blow dries your hair if you want.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Eh, really? Definitely going back there mein. You're right, the place is nice too, I wouldn't mind waiting in line there :)

Beth said...

Sounds good but I cut my own hair.

Caleb Ortega said...

Hi Leo, good post Hair cuts is something important in life as Beth says she cuts her own hair. I used to cut my own hair I have a machine, when I was here panama I sometimes made my brother cut my hair. But now I got this job need to look more responsible and formal. I go to this salon call Factory Fashion, is for women and men the hair cut I get is $3.10 US will be $6.20 Bz I am is cheap but is good there other places I can go but I have to take the bus or taxi and is not safe. Where I life is safe and I just walk like 7 to 10 minutes I am there and the thing is that they are open from Monday to Sunday that’s cool. I have been there like 5 times I cut my hair every month have given tips like 2 times most of the people there give like 1 usa dollar tip, I don’t any more cause iam not rich hahaha. Yo should post some pictures with your new hair cut. Take care man.

p.s i hate when they cut me with gillets and make me bleed i use alcohol so dosent get infected. Sometimes is necessary to us gillet but sometimes i say hm.. i dont want you to use gillet it depends on the barber.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Odd, and I thought only I was crazy enough to cut my own hair.

@Caleb: Howdy friend, when you coming back to Belize?

Caleb Ortega said...

I dont know yet but i will visit one of this days will tell you when bro. take care.

Beth said...

Did you ever think I was ordinary Leo? Odd I wear with honour.

Leonardo said...

No Beth, you funny to the bone. And I mean that in a good way :P