June 25, 2009

Know a Real Electrician?

I like to experiment and tinker with things when they misbehave. But if fixing things were only easy, everything would be cool and collected at the end of the day.

Tonight, I'm listening to, and trying to enjoy music on built-in laptop speakers, instead of the ol' Klipsch, because a couple months ago, I thought I was an electrician...

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 computer speaker system.

The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 computer speaker system is not your mother's Altec Lansing setup that came with her new Dell. Oh no, it has more balls than that. This thing is a stallion. I miss you boo :(.

It so happens that the main cord, the one that connects the small speakers to the amp, was giving problems so I decided to fix it...and guess flipping what? It didn't turn out cool and collected like the directions on the label: "Apply pearl-sized amount. Lather up. Rinse. Repeat.". Hmm.

So now, I'm trying to do the right thing, but I get the feeling that it's ovary now for Mr. Klipsch. Unless that is, if you heard of a body known to have great electrical prowess, like that guy from India.

I'm willing to go cross-country, but not overseas to fix the thing. I saw a Radio Shack in Chetumal once (awesome), not sure if they carry these parts. Recommendations anyone?

The things we do for money.

Took these parts out a little exhibition jar I keep on my dresser.