December 27, 2013

Night time

What's outside at night? It's still and dark inside my room and the only thing I hear is the fan, and on occasion, the distant car passing and the neighbor's dog barking.

We're in Belize so it's not cold around this time but it's also not hot but just right.

From here, outside looks blue and dark and mostly quiet. But it feels scary and lonely because it's so quiet and hardly signs of life. Night time feels like a bad time, it's not like daytime where you can see everything and there's activity.

Bad things happen when it's dark. Forgive me for all I've done. This darkness is a sign that good things come to an end, always. Night follows day. I feel sad and scared and lonely inside.

November 15, 2013


I just bought a PS4 and Tracy had me cancel the order. *m@f$%ksht@@! She says video games are ruining the family. I bust my ass off all year long yet I can't ruin my own family?

October 18, 2013

Time to clothes

Sometime last month I walked into the small Chinese grocery store, you know, the one by the alley on Palmar Road. Anyway, I noticed that the Coca Cola refrigerator just disappeared. It made the place look empty and dark. Come to think of it, all the lights were off. Maybe energy saving light bulbs just ain't saving much these days. Now they cram the sugar water with the frozen chickens and other sorts.

And today, they hung out their clothes, baby walker and all, right out front for the world to see. It's kinda hard to step inside now. This economy!

August 28, 2013


Some fellow swims by while we're photographing a wedding in San Pedro.

July 23, 2013

Poor Right Now

We're poor right now. There's nothing in the refrigerator. Nothing to spread that butter on. After a hard day's work, water will satisfy the appetite. Bon appetit.