January 31, 2009

Street Repair in Belize

Street repair done right. How often does this happen in Belize?

Spreading hot tar on Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town, Belize.Spreading hot tar on Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town, Belize.

Normally, pot holes, on highways or feeder roads, are sloppily patched with a mixture of tar and gravel, yielding rough, peculiarly colourful roads that "live up" to international road standards — what you'd expect from a third-world country.

This morning, I was detoured on my way home. I knew they were working on the street but spreading tar?! I didn't see this one coming. Elections must be near.

Steaming hot tar spread on street, Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town, Belize.Steaming hot tar spread on street, Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town, Belize.

Paving streets in Orange Walk Town, Belize.Paving streets in Orange Walk Town, Belize.

It looks fine from this end. Hope it doesn't wash away next month.

January 30, 2009

Vacancies Anyone?

For some time now I have been at home taking care of Caesar. He is now 5 months old and it feels like my time at home should be up. The plan is to go back to school in August to complete my bachelors. From now until then, it makes about 6 months. Lately I find myself just waiting, I hate waiting. It not only feels like I’m only waiting for school to resume for me, it feels like my entire life is on a hold. I feel the need to be more active, move forward, and give more to Caesar than simply taking care of him.

Although I enjoy being at home with Caesar watching him grow, teaching him to eat … I still get this gut feeling that I should be doing more. Every woman probably would enjoy staying at home with the kids, when they are this tiny and enjoyable. I also feel like it’s the best to stay at home with your child especially when they are at a stage where they will do most of their learning. Sometimes I do feel guilty even thinking about leaving him, missing out on some of the special moments; I will always worry about him when I’m away. There will definitely come a day that I will only want to stay home with my baby full-time, maybe after I’ve been exposed to the hectic working world; I give it a few years.

Tonight after Caesar went to bed, I dug up my old files from my Communications class, and found a cover letter and resume. It has crossed my mind too many times that I should go to work until it’s time to go back to school. I looked them over and brushed them up a little; they definitely need more work. I’m thinking about sending a few applications out; there is no one particular job I’m interested in but I have a few places in mind. Let’s see if any opportunities are going to turn up for us.

January 15, 2009

Baby Caesar Wallpaper

Available at 1600x1000, 1280x1024, and 1280x800.

Pictures from Orange Walk, Again

Someday I wish to cover the country the way Tony Rath has. Until then, I'll be here taking pictures in my home town. Last year I upgraded to a Nikon D300. I used to be a Canon man but the move to Nikon has been one of positive experience. Here are some recent pictures.

Lei at New River, Orange Walk Town, December 2008.Lei at New River, Orange Walk Town, December 2008.

Portrait photography is not my thing. It's interesting and challenging but not my thing. When you're on location, staging and interacting with the subject and the environment, it gets interesting. The hardest part is finding a good model and the right location (recommendations anyone?).

Belizean girl chewing chicle.I call this one Chicle.

Yes chicle! "Chicle is the natural gum from Manilkara chicle, which is a tropical evergreen tree native to Central America" — Wikipedia.

Yurumei at La Inmaculada Church on Garifuna Settlement Day 2008Yurumei at La Inmaculada Church on Garifuna Settlement Day 2008.

This shot of Yurumei in Orange Walk won me some front-page exposure and a nice large print thanks to the San Pedro Sun Newspaper. It also got picture of the day on Belize Web for a few days.

January 13, 2009

Leaving the Print Press

In a few weeks I'll be leaving my job at a print press in Orange Walk Town with entrepreneural intentions. This would be the fourth job I've walked away from in 15 months of working. You might think I'm coming off a bit too egotistical but that's okay, I can take that.

For almost two years now, I've been formulating a vision. A vision that has taken a great toll on my being. But today I feel like I've been endowed a third nut and I'm almost ready for the world. Which is why I've decided to be self employed, hopefully full-time.

To me, there's just more thrill chasing after a dream than working in some office doing the same routine over and over every day. Deprived? Suck it!

A few projects are coming in and there's enough money in the bank to keep my boat afloat for a few months. I'll need some prayers and a spoonful of luck for this one.