January 15, 2009

Pictures from Orange Walk, Again

Someday I wish to cover the country the way Tony Rath has. Until then, I'll be here taking pictures in my home town. Last year I upgraded to a Nikon D300. I used to be a Canon man but the move to Nikon has been one of positive experience. Here are some recent pictures.

Lei at New River, Orange Walk Town, December 2008.Lei at New River, Orange Walk Town, December 2008.

Portrait photography is not my thing. It's interesting and challenging but not my thing. When you're on location, staging and interacting with the subject and the environment, it gets interesting. The hardest part is finding a good model and the right location (recommendations anyone?).

Belizean girl chewing chicle.I call this one Chicle.

Yes chicle! "Chicle is the natural gum from Manilkara chicle, which is a tropical evergreen tree native to Central America" — Wikipedia.

Yurumei at La Inmaculada Church on Garifuna Settlement Day 2008Yurumei at La Inmaculada Church on Garifuna Settlement Day 2008.

This shot of Yurumei in Orange Walk won me some front-page exposure and a nice large print thanks to the San Pedro Sun Newspaper. It also got picture of the day on Belize Web for a few days.


Leal said...

I chew my chicle on a daily basis since it keeps the breathe fresh.

The portrait of Yurumei astonishes me till this day. Somehow your shot captured the Cultures traditional color in a awe-inspiring way. Nice shot.

While I do admire Photography, Film has captivated me more. In due time I will understand it as you do Photography.

Beth said...

So you have a new camera... I can look forward to the best shots around on my wedding day..it is still not in sight, but I am holding on to your promise LOL.

I really like your Yurumei pix. It is sweet. That is art my man...

Leonardo Melendez said...

Thanks for the comments all. Much appreciated.