January 13, 2009

Leaving the Print Press

In a few weeks I'll be leaving my job at a print press in Orange Walk Town with entrepreneural intentions. This would be the fourth job I've walked away from in 15 months of working. You might think I'm coming off a bit too egotistical but that's okay, I can take that.

For almost two years now, I've been formulating a vision. A vision that has taken a great toll on my being. But today I feel like I've been endowed a third nut and I'm almost ready for the world. Which is why I've decided to be self employed, hopefully full-time.

To me, there's just more thrill chasing after a dream than working in some office doing the same routine over and over every day. Deprived? Suck it!

A few projects are coming in and there's enough money in the bank to keep my boat afloat for a few months. I'll need some prayers and a spoonful of luck for this one.


Beth said...

YOu are not really a dreamer.... naw!

I am proud of you though. Once I get some experience and take care of a few things I will also build my own field... child therapy here I come!

Leonardo Melendez said...

Child therapy is no surprise. See you there.

Leal said...

On to new beginnings, well its a new year so why not. Doing the same routine everyday does take the fun out of work, well it would depend on your career I guess.

Domanick Fabro said...

I wish you luck, you gotta have 3 nuts to make them moxie moves

Anonymous said...

I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later.

no worry sunni............i know u wah mek it.

i neva mi think bout you as an employee.............u da employer material.

good luck.


Beth said...

As long as Caesar does come along on this one! LOL

* never mind, you better take bring him along or I will ignore you when we reach!

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Beth: Now you're trying to be funny.

Beth said...

I just have some spare time on my hands....i am quite funny though

Keli said...

I admire you following your entrepreneurial spirit.
While in 2009 you thought you needed prayers and luck your motivation, drive, hard work and passion have paid off. You are truly one of a kind. I can't believe you never mentioned you are also a blogger, you are an outstanding and entertaining writer.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Thank you Yoga Peach :)