November 21, 2008

No Ipods This Christmas

Last week, I locked eyes with a wide-eyed stranger while riding my five year old Jamis cross country uphill towards work. Two things came to mind: either that I had met this guy once upon a time in Mexico or that I should have removed my nerdy spectacles the instance I stepped out for fresh air.

He went down the opposite direction when the traffic ahead caught my attention. I stopped at the intersection giving way to the noisy engines and lo, beside me like a predator sneaked up Mr. Stranger. "Buay, you know anybody weh want buy wan ipod"?

Oh okay, he's selling a hot mp3 player. Actually about four for $30 BZ a pop! He confessed about breaking into a warehouse or something of the sort. Sounded super fishy, but who cares, show me the good stuff.

So I scheduled a meeting at my workplace and before I could settle in, he shows up with a cardboard box enclosed in a black plastic bag. He's quite in a rush this time and looking very desperate. Still on his yellow beach cruiser, he approaches, and says "see it ya, run it now".

My immediate reaction to this is wtf?! I reach over to grab the box he's pushing at me and he reacts. Then I react: "Show me!".

"Buay stop play, dem done see me already, ih deh in ya, jus tek it!"

This time, he shakes the box inadvertently too much and I hear something in there that doesn't sound like four ipods. I retreat leaving behind a long-haired, Antonio Banderas looking mad man in uproar. Emma looks at me on my way in, "Wat you do di li man Leonardo?". I walk towards my desk, pissed. There will be no ipods for me this Christmas.


Daniel H. Schluckebier said...

Damn dude you are good at this stuff. I sometimes wonder how comes you haven't started writing a story book or a book of some sort. Im sure u would put a smile on a lot of ppl face. Maybe even laugh out loud!!

Anonymous said...

bway same thing happened to me a couple of months ago. This guy told me he was sellin' an ipod for $15. i told him to show me and he said i had to give him $5 so he can go look for it and then he'd come back and show me.

i gave up on owning an ipod long time ago man........sorry u had to go through the same realization i had to go through...........we poor like "kenny"


Roy Rosado said...

stop be cheap dude.. lol.. just buy an authentic one... lol.. funny story though.. cracked me up. Man just thought u seemed like someone he could get money out of... ha ha ha.

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Pollos: Stop talk fahmbly cause I know youda buy them all from me. All ah we poor like Kenny. Muhahaha!

@Daniboi: I have, it's called Take Ur Vitaminz.

Beth said...

what happened to my comment? Leo?

I am sure you will find something even more tifty for Christmas. What are you getting for Tracy? Caesar?

Anonymous said...

LOL same thing happend to me dude, this rustic looking guy, approached me and said he was selling one for $10.00,he was desparate, he showed me the bag, but didn't want me to open it. I paid him, he ran, when i opened it, It was a peice of wood wraped around a MP4 Player box:-( i was pisseddd. If i ever see him again, I'm Gonna FK HIM UP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I've seen this guy around town on a yellow bicycle wearing one o' those mechanic suits. We could file a report. Did this happen to you in Orange Walk?