November 7, 2008

My Retirement from Chess

I’m taking my chess books down to the library next week. There's no place for them on my bookshelf, anymore.

I picked up chess in a club during my sophomore year at St. John’s College. I wasn't any good at it then, that is, until I moved to Muffles College High School.

I had been expelled from St. John's for bad conduct and moving back home took a toll on my nerves — everything was different.

During this time I met my best friend, Roberto. We joined the chess club. At club, I found comfort. Eventually I got addicted, then I got good at it, and then I became a junior chess champ.

I found enlightenment by breathing chess. But today's story is different.

Chess is boring.

With some respect left, chess does good justice by emphasizing, at an intense level, the importance of patience and strategy — characteristics one can't learn straightforwardly on a daily basis.

That said, I will miss the fancy awards, the chess books, and the practice sessions, tournament days and those that I’ve met on and off the board because of chess, the traveling, and the great exposure.

It's ovary.


Leal said...

I remember those days when we played chess believing one of us could win even though we had only our kings on the board. How foolish that was, we went home like 6pm if I am not mistaken.

I grew tired of chess way before you friend. I guess ever since I could not beat you at it, nor could I reach your level of playing it I left it astray.

But other things remain that we can challenge ourselves at. The competition is still on.

Anonymous said...

chess, a sport played by a foolish king in the ancient time. I can say chess is as you describe it and it does tend to get boring from time to time, or is it just that you haven't found any recent good competition yet? either way, i leave chess for the titans and move further on to play an even big game, the game we all play consciously or not the game my friend that we

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Leal: Remember it like yesterday.

@Anonymous: The competition is there, it's just that sitting down for more than three hours straight waiting for one result, whatever it may be, is just very unattractive.

Amir Leiva said...

I remember taking some serious chess classes with Leo. I was forced to play chess since he used to be the only person i talked to at that time. It wasn't so bad learning to play but it got really nasty when i couldn't win a single game. Guess i finally won just ONE game and believe me it felt good winning the junior chess champ of Belize. Hey bet u can't beat me 2 times straight on ages of Mythology!!!!lol...

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Amir: Ahum, yes I can.

Beth said...

So I don't have to replace the piece I lost that fateful night in Cayo?


You have an active life, but don't lose any passion in your house cleaning!

Chess served well, while it served

Caleb Ortega said...

Chess is a game of rules. Every games has rules… Everything I life has rules… it uses a lot of logic… it’s a great game but sometimes it gets boarding. When you don’t have anyone to play or someone else plays more than you. It doesn’t make it fun. The thing about chess that I like is like a fight and you move carefully to win the opponent. Leonardo is very good at chess I wish I was that good but I never spended lot of time with chess, but I do like it. The good thing about chess is that it can be compared to anything Life, business… just make the right moves… to win the game… By the way I bought a book that says strategic business using chess. I haven’t read it… I hope I read it to make the investment worth it… I need the time to read it… and the willingness… is not a priority now. Leonardo I know some at the library will find those books useful.