March 19, 2008

On the Go-go-go

Did the laundry early this morning. Got XML parsing to read up on in a bit. Tackling the “sty” later tonight. All done to the beat of Armin van Buuren’s A state of trance episode 320/2007 and DJ Tiësto’s In Search of Sunrise 6. The days have become busier and I'm constantly on the go-go-go. It's been like this since January and I hope it stays the same.

Some two weeks ago I got a new job in Belize City. I’m working two days (T/Th) from home. On other days you can catch me getting off on Euphrates Avenue in the city (please don't mug me...on the other hand, I do have a weakness for diversion). It's all right working for this new company. It beats the once esteemed freelance lifestyle by a hair.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on lately:

Screenshot: the new Orange Walk Town Council websiteScreenshot: the new Orange Walk Town Council website.

I began working on the OWTC's new site during the freelance days. It's shadowed me for months now and I'm relieved that it's almost over. Hope to update you on this project in the future.

TUV TUV "Nightfly" wallpaper (1280 x 800). Download here.

Night time transcends deep, emotional atmospheres. Coupled with proper lighting and electronic tunes, it easily becomes the most relaxing part of a day. "Nightfly" was designed to enhance the nightly working experience. Take it for a spin. It's not the first TUV wallpaper I've tried my hand on. The concept was inspired by Glen Morrison's "Contact" in Tiesto's new mix. Available at 1280 x 800.

On another note, there was an inquiry last week about the type of camera used on TUV. It’s not a point and shoot. The now obsolete Canon EOS 10D is a semi-professional digital SLR. It takes a pretty decent shot.

Canon EOS 10D

March 17, 2008

I Can't Take This Shit Any Longer

I don't have a dog, yet my room's been smelling like manure for months. I don't know about you but the stench of dog shit isn't in my list of favourite morning scents. You see, my room is located just 10 feet behind my neighbour's backyard where two semi-pot-licker dogs proudly prance around all day long and you've guessed it, they excrete like crazy, all over the place. I can't open my windows nor tie the curtains for fear of the harmful toxic stuff!

I've thought about approaching the owners on the issue before contacting the health department. However, I never forget the days when I do the laundry and they bark viciously at me and that time when dog poo was floating around in the backyard after hurricane floods. Which is why I've also considered dog poison.

I can't take this shit any longer; the woof woofs must go. Bring along the salchichas and the dog poison we got from town board — we'll strike at the break of dawn. P.S. Bring a bandana, preferably of blue PUP color, your "puss-killa", and a trimmed branch; I've got idearzes.

March 4, 2008

Picture Sundays

Something I should have done long ago.

Sarah — one afternoon in San Ignacio.

Dylon Ayuso sits an IT test at Sacred Heart College Junior College; San Ignacio, Cayo.

What a tree trunk looks like in Spanish Lookout.