April 29, 2008

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United will play the European Cup (Champions League) final in May against the winner of tomorrow's semi-final bout between Chelsea and Liverpool. It doesn't matter who we'll play as long as we're there. Tracy asks if we must wear red again. Umm, doh!

Sorry if I've bored you with too much football this month. Normal blogging resumes.

April 23, 2008

Anti-climax in Barcelona, United Gear Up for Tuesday

Barcelona F.C. were welcomed in electrifying fashion this Wednesday night at the Camp Nou when 95,000+ home supporters gathered to witness what would be a grueling chess match against English crème de la crème, Manchester United. Some 56,000 yellow flags were lifted by home fans forming a large mosaic that read Tots Units Fem Forca (Together We Are Strong). But at the end, even the largest football stadium in Europe, filled to capacity, couldn’t breach a most stubborn Manchester United defense.

Two minutes into play, Cristiano Ronaldo, of all the players in the world, failed to give the Reds an early lead after missing a penalty awarded against a hand ball by Barcelona’s Gabriel Milito. And what a price he’s paying. Look at these headlines. Barca were allowed to dominate the entire game as United refrained from the usual attacking style and pursued a more strategic defensive stance. The result was a satisfactory stalemate.

The Spanish giants will travel to Old Trafford this Tuesday for the second leg of the semifinals.

Over in Manchester, United has organized a campaign calling all Reds supporters to fill The Theatre of Dreams with a sea of red and white for next week’s clash against Barca.

It's not over yet. This Tuesday, wear your red!

April 22, 2008

Extremely Bad Taste

April 21, 2008

Wear Red on Wednesday

Girlfriend and I departed at the bus "terminal" this morning sentimental and gloomy — a typical Monday. Little does she know, they'll be other (equally important) thoughts entertaining my mind this week.

In case you're not the football savvy kind, Europe's most lucrative football competition, the Champions League, is at its semifinals stage. Chelsea F.C. play away against 2005 champions Liverpool F.C. on Tuesday and Manchester United face off against 2006 champions Barcelona F.C. for their away game in Spain on Wednesday. Leg 2 (United play at home) of the semifinals continues on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

All my years of watching football, I've never seen United pass the semifinals. I only dream of it. I think about it all week because nothing else matters. Will they survive Barcelona?

Regardless, when Manchester United F.C. travel to Spain in two days, I'll be watching ESPN 2 at 12:45pm wearing red, black, and white.

This Wednesday, wear your red!

April 17, 2008

Frying Pan

Some two weeks ago my sister and family came in from Florida to visit. Twenty-two now, Gabrielle is the eldest of four, married, now a mother, and about 500 pounds heavier. This trip, she brought back the most amazing thing — her brand new baby.

Allan Michael Sorenson is 7 months out the womb, healthy, heavy, white, with circumcised penis. He's quiet and smiles a lot.

At first glance I thought "holy crap, you brought the Boss' son!". Doesn't this baby have a slight resemblance of Sir Alex Ferguson? One cousin said he looked like Wayne Rooney; I disagree.

During their short stay, I must have changed, fed, and looked after him only once. Not that I'm lazy or anything, just trying to avoid being used/suckered by my sister this time around. Besides, are you used to seeing poop smothered all over a little person's legs, back, and frying pan? Thought so. To add, babies require plenty energy and responsibility. Did you know babies get changed about 6-8 per day? I learned a bunch of new baby stuff. One that tickled me most was the frying pan.

The frying pan is proven to be the filthiest part of the male anatomy. It's that inch of space between the anus and the testicles. When lying down the eggs just rest on the frying pan. I've got pictures to show for ten bucks a shot. Anyone?

April 1, 2008

April is for ManUtd

Every Manchester United fan in the Milky Way knows that April will be the most decisive month of the season. I won't attempt to bombard you with football boringness or convince you that Manchester United is the best club in the world. No.

Instead, if you find yourself adrift in April, here's a link to the best football club in the world.