November 19, 2006

A Garinagu Parade

I just came in from watching the Garifuna Settlement Day parade here in Orange Walk. It was short but sweet and just what you’d expect from a parade on the 19th of November in Belize: colors, drums, and Garinagu people. Happy Garifuna Settlement Day everyone!

November 9, 2006

Dropping OS, hurray?

I've thought it over thoroughly and in about 6 hours I'll be walking over to the registrar's office to withdraw from Operating Systems. With seven assignments pending, a final exam to study for, and only 4 weeks on the calendar, I've decided it's not worth the effort, after all, it's too much work and too little time. But here's the catch. You see, at Sacred Heart College Junior College one needs to have completed and passed the Operating Systems class in order to graduate with an associates degree in Network Administration + Computer Technician. Therefore, I'll only be able to graduate from SHCJC with a Technician degree, which isn't much really. And so I'm thinking of not even applying for graduation now that I've realized the worth of a diploma (from an associates degree) and the Belizean perception of it. According to two influential superiors, whose identities must be kept undisclosed, a diploma for an associates degree is in fact dispensable unless one plans to pursue their career immediately after 6th form. For some extraneous reasons, Belizeans tend to give it a status beyond what it's actually worth, that there piece of paper. Now, I know better than to listen to only one side of the tale, but it does make sense to some degree (It's all about degrees today). It's actually very easy to transfer to any university to further my education once the proof is presented in the form of grades and other attributes. All they want to see is how far you are in your field, and how good the grades on your transcript are. Some people see it as just the first two years of getting a bachelors, much like how it's perceived at in the U.S. So now you know that you can get into UB with or without that single document, no strings attached. Just a refresh, if it wasn't obvious the first time around, I'm dropping OS because I don't want it to affect my GPA, in which case may result in diminished chances of me getting a scholarship or financial aid, yada,yada... I could go on with this forever, I got the graphs, I got the equations. The point is, no diploma, no problem (not that I'm not getting one). I've got much at stake with nothing to gain, and if you love me enough and prefer to see me live every moment of life like it was the last, then you wouldn't want to see me get drained out these last few weeks and you'd see no controversy behind what I'll be doing today. Contrary to what Caleb says, I believe it's the best choice I can make. Now to shed the light to my peeps. I know my mom is going to give that look again, but then she'll forget about it just like the time when I didn't take any CXCs.

November 8, 2006

4 Weeks of Classes Left

Waiting until the last minute to submit an assignment just isn't fun anymore, especially with this guy. I've taken a drag this past week and thanks to Mr. Johnstone, my Operating Systems lecturer, my last few weeks at Heart will be nothing less than a shadow of what I've already endured. Most people, like me, often find themselves developing strange tendencies to procrastinate. Others exhibit signs of discipline that are reflected throughout their personalities and daily lives. Needless to say, I fall far from that tree and don't seem to be getting any closer. Straying away from the bigger picture is what I do best and this is a perfect example: I'm blogging and 'babbling' (in Johnstone's own words) at 12:56 AM in the morning instead of working on one of seven pending assignments for OS class. It's what I've been doing this entire semester and I suppose my mid-term results echo it. Shh, don't tell mom and dad or else I won't be getting any presents this Christmas. Any good suggestions on how to overcome this bad habit?