February 20, 2008

Candidates Game

In its schedule of annual chess activities released last week, the Belize Chess Federation (BCF) is set to host its first major event of 2008 in February.

The Candidates Games is a three-day tournament organized to determine Belize's top 5 chess players. Winners will represent the country in a bout against FIDE international players in April where, for the first time ever, Belizean chess players will have the prospect of aquiring official FIDE ratings.

The event kicks off at the Civic Center Conference Room on Saturday February 23, and proceeds on March 1 and 8. First game starts at 8:00am. Two three-hour games per day; all Belizean players invited. Registration is free.

February 13, 2008

Back to India, Welcome to Orange Walk Town

Tarachan spending his last days at LK Shopping Center on Queen Victoria AvenueTarachan spending his last days at LK Shopping Center on Queen Victoria Avenue.

My Indian friend Tarachan shut shop the other day and never returned. Bismillah store now occupies what was once LK Shopping Center on Queen Victoria Avenue. Yet another business gone bad in town.

The other day, proprietors of Eduardo Martinez and Sons Ltd., a hardware store on Main Street, filed for bankruptcy after years in business. I can't imagine what goes through the mind of a body when its backbone income just slips away like that. I sympathize.

What bothers me more is that Bismillah, a business with parent outlets in San Ignacio Town, will sell the same merchandise at the same location. Folks, I like to sit back and see what I can learn from high risk business ventures like this one. I'll update you as soon as things start looking bright for Bismillah or god forbid, as shit hits the fan.

February 11, 2008

Picture Sundays: Belize Elections 2008 Edition

Ramon Cervantes and Ex-PUP minister Dave Burgos(right) stand amidst the masses at polling area 60 (Orange Walk East)

Ex-UDP minister Ruben Campos having a cautious conversation with Rosendo "Chendo" Urbina, Orange Walk Central standard bearer.

Trial Farm voters walk in serenity after casting their votes in Orange Walk North.