May 31, 2007

Orange Walk Town In Pictures: I

I've been busy taking pictures for a project that's coming up. The subject is Orange Walk Town. The picture above shows one of the main streets in the center of town. This shot was taken after 5pm just before the city buses start swarming into town. To the right my favorite burritos vendor. Further ahead is the prominent town clock which I believe is one of the most symbolic representations of the town.

There's only room for one in this fire station. The Orange Walk Town fire station is not the largest fire department in the world. No Dalmatians, no poles. This one storied building hosts, to my knowledge, the only fully equipped firetruck this town has ever seen — The Lucky No. 4. It's a 1973 Custom Cab Ford with a Caterpillar powered engine. The guy at the fire station said there should be two trucks but let's not get into that.

By the early 1900's, the society was heavily influenced by outsiders both culturally and spiritually. While it may not be the earliest sign of worship, La Inmaculada Church is a landmark in Orange Walk Town history. It is representative of a major religious development that has lasted for over a century. It, perhaps, is one of the most significant structures and indeed another symbolic icon of the town's past. In this picture, the janitors take a break under the shade adjacent to the left exit. It was taken around noon. The building at the far back is La Inmaculada Primary School which also extends to the left of the church. As a child, I've always wondered what was in that tank looking thing (below). It wasn't until a few months ago that I noticed some water dripping down. Turns out that it stores water for when it gets scarce. I'm sure we'll soon run out of it anyway.

Thanks for viewing not only my blog but blogs in general. I'll be posting some more pictures as the project progresses.

Update: Orange Walk Town in Pictures II is now available.

May 28, 2007


May 15, 2007

Rock Concert

Took some shots at Orange Walk Town's Fiestarama 2006. The main event was a kick ass rock concert! Local rock bands united to give a masterpiece showdown at the people's stadium. This guy shows up at every single Some Dudes concert. He's a crafty stage diver this fellow. Rumor has it that he's their number one fan. Once the musicians warmed up, fans poured in and... enter the mayhem. Head bangers, stage divers, retards, drunkards, and old folks all gathered to fill the gap and there I was to capture the moment. These guys came in from the city to give a rockin' performance. Their lead singer took us all away. I never thought locals would ever try the songs they did. Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Creed — they were pretty good if not best.

May 4, 2007

Blogging makes you stupid!

I've come to this conclusion after watching 15+ years of education get thrown out the window over and over again for more than a year. Since I started blogging, my grammar and vocabulary have deteriorated substantially - my sentences too casual, words less than 3 syllables, inadequately supported thesis statements, underdeveloped paragraphs etc ... Unfortunately, it's very easy to bring this lazy, simplistic style of writing to paper. You see, content on the web is written for people in a hurry. It's easy and fluent. It's like a style where, one expresses character over professionalism. Character is good and so is professionalism and each have their own context. But which is more important? Is writing with character what one evolves to after learning almost thoroughly the English language? Is it possible to say that the fast paced web, in its entirety, breaks good grammar and vocabulary skills ? Or am I going crazy?

May 2, 2007

Some Pictures

As I progress through my journey of becoming a photographer, I'll be disposing select photographs to the critics.

The picture above was taken some few weeks ago at the beautiful Southwater Caye. Pay special attention to the glowing fluorescent blue in the water. This is what it looked like in real life but being there was truly more rewarding; it was a phenomenal sunset!

The sun was bursting through the heavens after a slight shower. I couldn't resist. I call this one Apocalypse. This tricky shot was taken some time after 4pm from the ITVET Orange Walk Town grounds.

More shots later.