May 2, 2007

Some Pictures

As I progress through my journey of becoming a photographer, I'll be disposing select photographs to the critics.

The picture above was taken some few weeks ago at the beautiful Southwater Caye. Pay special attention to the glowing fluorescent blue in the water. This is what it looked like in real life but being there was truly more rewarding; it was a phenomenal sunset!

The sun was bursting through the heavens after a slight shower. I couldn't resist. I call this one Apocalypse. This tricky shot was taken some time after 4pm from the ITVET Orange Walk Town grounds.

More shots later.


Daniel said...

Spiffy shot dude. I especially like the "Apocalypse" one.

Anonymous said...

The apocalypse shot is very nice. Didn't really know that shots like that could be taken here in belize. But you made what seems inadequate to some people into a real masterpiece. Keep it up. Oh yeah, and as for that procrastinating, don't worry I do it too. But, everything seems to work out in the end. the trick is to try not to leave too much for the very end.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Much appreciated.