August 9, 2006

Kids, Don't Try This at Home

You know how I don't trust my barber? Well, today I decided to get a hair cut, only this time with someone I could trust. So I took my dad's grooming kit and marched over to my cousin's house less than a block away. There I met my cousin 'Daddy Yankee' a.k.a. 'Grinch' whom by the way had no trimming experience prior this one. But I trust him, so.... Me: "I want it low and level, no fade."

Inexperienced barber : "Lee man, you sure you no want a fade."

By this time I was looking up and staring at the inexperienced barber in amazment.

This guy must be kidding.

Me :"Sure mein, no fade."

Right there and then, in his dining room, he flicked the switch on the machine and started with the bottom.

At first, the blades were cold and they gave me 'tickilish'. Then, as the machine warmed up, the blades began to sting and scorch my skin every instance they made contact.

I got used to it and it began tickling again. Then I heard my cousin say:

Inexperiened Barber: "Mohawk!"

Me:"What the heck, might as well have some fun while you're at it."

The 'Grinch' in his finest hour.

About twenty minutes later, the deed was done. And let me tell you, barbers do crazy things. Pretty cool huh?!. Wish it was.

You know how sometimes you just wish you could turn back time? Well, I went to my real barber to see what he could make of it. And...

He calls it, the 'reverse mohawk'.

Lesson learnt: Do not trust any barber, nor grinches, especially if they don a "Try It, You'll Like It" t-shirt.

From fun and games to reverse mohawk, I've had a tiresome day. It's 1a.m. and i got to pack my stuff; I'm leaving for Cayo at 4 a.m. Wonder what the guys there might say? I'll tell 'em it's my post-World Cup hairdo. For those of you that already know, please don't ask if you happen to see me around.


Efrain said...

"what da hell" hahahaha....this da the funniest thing i eva see. reverse mohawk? hahaha............whatever works for u i long to u plan to keep the new look?.........can u play foosball better? u get more attention? chicks like it? u intimidate people? you like it?.............why did you do it?..........why do cows go moooo?..........why is the sky blue?..........who killed jfk?...........who invented post its?.............who left the toilet seat down?.............who ate my sandwich?..................oh, my bad..........get back on my answers..........caz i'd really like to know who ate my sandwich...........laterz............reverse're a pioneer

Leonardo Melendez said...

The new look ain't here to stay. It could be a seasonal thing. Can it make me play foosball better? One thing's for sure, I do feel more aero-dynamic. Now i know why Zidane intentionally keeps his hair low.
Attention i do get. How can I explain? Remember when Linkin Park came out? It's like that.
As with the chicks... I'm not sure if they dig it but don't matter. Intimidate people i do. Don't it remind you of that guy from Full Metal Jacket? Muhahaha. No wait, he was crazy. But i bet if you see him again you'd be afraid.

Dude don't you remember who made Post its? And JFK? I thought we tallked about that already.

If i keep getting people to smile and laugh like you are, then i guess i like it.

As with your sandwich, read my previous post.

Anonymous said...

Sasquatch! OMG. What where you thinking!!! That is probably the funniest thing someone I know ever did. You are a brave one. I have to give you two thumbs up and a gold star, the former for your courage above and beyond the norm and the latter for believing and trusting your friend. Not a lot of people would do that... I guess you demonstrate why. Go figure.

As for what Efrain in said... Don't you was Romey and Michelle who invented Post Its..LOL.

Anyways..hats off to ya! or should I say Hats On!!


Leonardo Melendez said...

I couldn't remember the name of that flick, but that's the one with Lisa Kudrow right? Thanks for the reminder.

By the way, before I forget:

Update: It's no longer the reverse mohawk but a 'nohawk'.

Thanks for the remark Helbaby ;)

Caleb Aaron said...

I would say that doing a NOHOCK is something not usual here in Belize, and when I saw I was confuse because it was dark at night. I taught you had blue die hair but when got closer to you I saw that you had the NOHOCK. Now I am use to it well I believe is more fresh, you can get more air around your head. I also cut my hair short sometimes but never done a NOHOCK maybe one day I would try it. If my parents don’t kill me. Haha

Never say, and I also cut here I am not a professional sometimes I practice with my brothers head. Now you can see to what extend human mind can go.



Anonymous said...

hmm well its my 1st time reading da history of ur "nohawk"... 4giv me for my grammar... but mein Leo thats a messed up hair cut but then a brilliant 1.. a lesson learnt(for me that is) "trust no1" hahaha... nice though..brilliant..thats all i can say dude!... for a girl it would suck to have my hair like that..;) well see ya in class...(marketing class) jajaja Muuaahh... ooops i meant "nohawk"! :D

Rashida said...

bwy u silly Leo... u bubu..Lol...Leo in a nutshell indeed!!! Ayayyay chiwawa!

Anonymous said...

hey dude
I belive that it is a crazy but at the same time funny thing to do.
I mean you enjoyed it right? Well the fact is that such things like that are not permanent and can easily be reversed
so keep doing crazy things,enjoying life and making others laugh.

It is cool

DannyMaldito said...

Dude, I recently got chance to comment on this and I am serious. I know i can be quite crazy at times. However, this is some crazy shit. Dude can you hook me up with ur personal barber?
Anyways man, keep it cool n continue to be urself and don't deny what you like or who you are. u are a great person and you make a difference in peoples' life. Thats all I got to say. You rock Buddy!!!