October 5, 2007

Feel This

One can’t disagree that a lot of talk about thoughts and feelings has been circulating these days.

Women are mourning about departed pets – Cuddles is gone now Vicky, but we do know that wherever he went, that’s exactly where he is. Close friends are encountering asshats at unpredictable rates – hey, hey, relax Danni boy, there’s plenty more where that came from. And others are agonizing about school and stress management.

Not that I don’t appreciate the openness fellas, but sometimes I do feel left out from all the sensitive talk. Yes, I know. I haven’t been expressing myself in the most vivid ways. Truth is, lately, there’s more thinking than anything going on in this big head of mine.

It’s been nine months since I set foot in a classroom and five since I’ve had a real job. I’ve had the luxury to sort out my life during this time (thanks Dad for supporting while mom and sis thought I was being a retard). I’ve simplified the possibilities down to the most obvious, to the point where I’m feeling comfortable enough to take on the next step. And this is what I want in life – to have comfort and confidence see me through to the next step.

Granted, things won’t always be this way, but I'm sure my friends and family will be there to renew lost feelings. It’s a mutual thing; we’ll never be alone.

And this is how I feel.


Vicky said...

time is all u needed to sort out ur thoughts, i'm glad u are on ur way to getting to where u want to :)

Tracy said...

get use to us... there is a lot more to come... hehe

DOm said...

where were all these pics taken?

and lol @ the last pic... real men wear pink eh.

Beth said...

I thought this was a very nice blog. I can say that I am mixed between zealous and frustrated by your "sabbatical". I thought you were being a little careless, but I wished I could do that too!!

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Beth: I guess you could call it a sabbatical. I hear you've been really busy lately. Take care of yourself Beth!!

Caleb Ortega said...

Hey very real taughts … I was checking out your blog to see the good news and rejoice. Particulary I like this one more… because is more to what iam going trough… but in other ways.

You made English language understandable with your taught it was more like an artistic or poetry writing. I like the pics that u have been taking. It makes me one to buy a camara and takes pics… pictures explain more than words…

Keep up the good work.