January 28, 2008

Picture Sundays

Andy Ko contemplating his next move. Regional Chess Tournament, Orange Walk Town.Andy Ko contemplating his next move. Regional Chess Tournament 2008; Orange Walk Town.

Regional Chess Tournament 2008, Orange Walk Town.Regional Chess Tournament 2008 kicks off at the Sports Complex; Orange Walk Town.

Juventus F.C. manager Salvador Leiva at the People's StadiumA day of football with Sugar Boys Juventus manager Salvador "Juice" Leiva. The People's Stadium; Orange Walk Town.

Range Rover.Helwas' daddy's obsolete Range Rover.


Helbaby said...

You da wa buh-buh...I di watch this picture..."hey dat luk like mi daddy old ranger...LOL Wretch

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Helbaby: Muhahaha.

Beth said...

I can't image helbaby in that... I though she drove a 2007 or something

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Beth: To get things straight, Helbaby does not drive in said vehicle.