January 4, 2010

Adieu World

Takeurvitaminz is the result of an experiment in web culture. It began in late 2005 during my studies in San Ignacio and comes to end today...sort of.

This is more of a long hiatus from blogging than anything. Why? Personal objectives. Things that require more energy than I can offer. Love. Money. World Peace.

Keep in touch with me on Facebook. Watch my photo site for future activity.

I'll leave you with some randomness for now:

  1. Roy's selling his Mac Book Pro. Check out his site for more details.

  2. Caesar (right) at one year, four months:

  3. What my dad looks like before a trip to the US:


Beth said...

I think your dad may get arrested if he were to go to the states like that.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Oh yes, we know. The TSA would be all over him in not time.