January 3, 2012

Hey, Where's the Beef?

The last two years of my life have been very social. It wasn't always like this but it was worth discovering what the rest of the world was like outside of mine. I met a lot of great people, those who've had lot to share, those who had the balls to slap me in the face, and how could I forget the Friday night football crew.

Caesar is the wow in my life. Even if you're not the caring type, that instinct will kick in when your three year old responds to your threat with "but I'm your son" and suggests that "[Uncharted] is too hard for you". He's doing pretty well and I wish him the best.

There was also a lot of negatives of my own creation. I regret every one of them but as SAF puts it (paraphrase...) "we must bounce back, because that's what we're about".

But there was one thing I liked about life pre-2010. When you had the time, you could skin a thought down so granular that the truth would stare you in the face. When you had the time.

Among the chaos this new year brings, I bid you more free time, profits, and great food. Cheers!

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