September 21, 2012


It's the last thing I ought to be doing and it's exactly what I am doing. Superjasonito dropped by yesterday inviting me to a series of chess tournaments starting in Stann Creek next weekend. The top players from the 3 tournaments will represent Belize in international competition.

I'm far from gifted so like a normal person, I have to prepare. I don't have a physical chess set, I gave away all my educational material, not surprisingly I'll have to rely on le computer.

I won 3, stalemated 1, lost 1 in a recent tournament a few months ago. I lost the tournament winning match due to a blunder and my opponent, a teenager, who I must mention played impressively well for what we're used to seeing in Belize at his age, calmly took advantage, dismantled my position with ease. The stalemate was well deserved due to rust, lol, end game theory rust.

Apart from theoretical preparation, one must bring his own "keep calm, don't effin' blunder" mental coach.

Bloody sure I'm not winning anything but experiment, experiment for retirement will come one day, and I'll have to find something interesting to do and teaching chess to kids sounds proper.


Domanick Fabro said...

are you rusty in fifa t00? lol fifa 13 coming out. we really need to play a match one of these days.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Nopes. No rust on the FIFA. Set it up, I only got PS3.