August 1, 2014

That Cheesecake!

Today, I woke up at noon, delegated for 10 minutes then wrapped up what was my first maternity session to a Team Coco playlist.

The editing style, posing and overall approach when photographing pregnant women is very different than say an engagement session. It requires a totally different approach. If it will be interesting, it has to be artistic or abstract. Artistic, portrait style, if that makes any sense. It should require much less time than an engagement session. The gallery must be minimal. It's either sexy or emotional, right? Or is that bullshit? Damn, I just ate a lot of cheesecake.

I'm gaining weight in the mid section. For the time being, I'll have to reduce my intake and if that doesn't better damn work!

Time is worth a lot more than money at the moment.

Around 9PM, we had our final 5v5 soccer playoffs match. We'll be up against the defending champions and current number one seed in the quarterfinals next week. I can't believe we even qualified!

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