February 25, 2007

Teamwork in football

Where I come from we play football like this:

Pass the ball to your teammate, expect him to beat one then another defender and score. If he’s good, he’ll pull off the ‘pistolero’, where he’ll be expected to beat them all and score. If he’s not, then you'll wait until he’s in trouble for you to finally make up your mind to render aid IF AND ONLY IF it 'feels' well deserved. I could be exaggerating.

In Griga, it’s the other way around:

Pass, pass, pass, score. And when you pass, you can expect it back almost immediately. Only a star player is allowed to try the pistolero. And by star player I mean heroic, like Achilles and Hector of Troy.

Griga football is different but it feels right. It took me a few matches to get the message, but when I did, it was rewarding.

I never truly grasped the concept of teamwork until I landed in Dangriga and I’m learning even more. So far, I’ve learned that true teamwork lessens the many strains one endures on a day by day basis. It has helped me at work, at home, and on the pitch.


Beth said...

Life lesson in football, eh? Sounds like a guy thing to me (sigh), but then I get my life lessons from my street and my kids. Let me tell you about it...wait... I will write about it someday.
I thought the reason why we put our children into sports is so they learn the value of teamwork. Excerise and performance is second and third place next to teamwork. That is why it is important that we have PE in school. Mak dem pikni layn ow wok tageda :)

Roy Rosado said...

Sup Sasquatch? Well glad you actually learning about it..Been telling you most of the time involves team work..Like I had said working alone or stuffs like that only hinders one from making progress. Constrains the creative mind to only so much; on the other hand, if you were on a team like you said, "lessens the many strains one endures on a day by day basis".
anyways happy writing and learning my little prune. heheheh

Anonymous said...

wat has happened to u??? (sighs)

Anonymous said...

i think beth should create her own blogspot !!!

Beth said...

she does! Check it out....

Who are you?

Beth said...

wait a minute.... are you implying something....?
No, I am not trying to highjack Take UR Vitaminz...Leo is doing a good job handling it himself!