March 18, 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

As a child they were everything to me. I had the toys, badges, pencils, coloring books, table mats, cups, pinatas, videos, clothes, underwear, you name it, I had it all. I even thought my real name was "Leonardo Turtle Melendez" (no kidding). Those where the days (sigh). Well, the new movie launches pretty soon and I'm all hype about it. It makes me feel like jump up and start fighting The Shredder and his gang all over again. I'll ask my house mate if he's interested in taking up the part (of Shredder). He does look more like a Master Splinter to me though. I'll be Leonardo, Leal - Splinter, Beth - April Michelangelo, anyone for Donatello or Michelangelo? Who's in for pizza? Cowabonga dudes! You can view high def trailers here and a not so high def version here.


Roy Rosado said...

I'm up for the pizza. hehehe.. maybe michelangelo..hahah..we do a video clip and post it on u-tube..hahahah good one.. looking forward to see what the TMNT are up to this time.. who will be the evil behing their come back. stop spinning on ur shell leo hehe..

Leonardo Melendez said...

Am looking forward to that youtube video. You got a camera?

Beth said...

Computers... the evil things, we will have to fight them. I just knew it. No one wanted to listen to me. We better prepare for the fight.

cawabonga dude!!!

Anonymous said...

I always favored Raphael...maybe it was his orange bandana... or his sense of humor, I donno.

When I was bout 15 or 16 my dad found a baby opossum in our yard... we caught him and put him in a cage and called him Master Splinter... he hissed at us, which my brother thought to be words of wisdom, the only wisdom I saw was to back the hell up...We thought he was dead the following day so we took him out and of course he got up and ran a way. He sure was a smart one.
To this day we never forgot our day with Master Splinter.

Later Dudes

Leonardo Melendez said...

Splinter mi di play passam!

Beth said...

I still think that Leal will make a pretty good Splinter. Passam deh al rit, but eh undastan Leal wizdum mow beta.

Who's going to make the pizza by the way? there is a new place here in Cayo, I just went with some friends today... It is pretty good.