June 22, 2007


Sometime last week, disturbance lurked Tangerine Street in the form of a sharp provoking "beep-beep". The noise was in motion for a short while until it stopped at its loudest. I opened the front door only to find one Zamir "Lou" Leiva and one Amir "Oyookis" Leiva honking away on what appeared to be a Dumb and Dumber style scooter. I shot a few. I call this shot "The Two Lous".

You can view the rest of the album here.


Beth said...

I seriously want one of those. If they have any intentions of selling it, let me know. I am getting a job soon and I will have cash.

Anonymous said...

Looser cousins are very idle!
~ Ingrid ~

Beth said...

it is summer... we are young and free! What else do you expect us to do, Ingrid.... I wish I was stuck in summer school. I would be doing the same thing, and I am not a loser.... I took the test