July 14, 2007

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Everyone's doing it so... Below are 10 things you don't know about me and probably don't care:

  1. I don't like chicken.
  2. I like to wear/use things until they wear out and fall apart.
  3. I eat once a day.
  4. I shower every other day.
  5. I detest being around too much people (which explains why I allow myself to shower every other day).
  6. I go to bed at 6AM and wake up at 3PM.
  7. I hate wearing clothes (blame the tropical climate).
  8. I don't go to church.
  9. You can beat me at Ping Pong.
  10. Someday, somehow, I'll tour Europe.


Everything has a reason why said...

hmnnn... intersting... you bathe every other day! well, everything seems interesing i guess....but really how can u stand not bathing every day in this climate?

Tracy said...

no secrets to me, lol

TRACY said...


Beth said...

It was your birthday?

Happy belated B-day!

Go bayd

Roy Rosado said...

funny..i knew lots of those..jajaja....anyways..Happy hatch-day dude...eventhough we mad @ you cuz you didn't attend Rashidah's birthday party. It's all good...take care.

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Everything has a reason why: Let's just say I won't shower unless I feel the need to. Even so, I got a lot to say about this topic. Parents tell us to shower daily, they also said that the easter bunny existed!?! Wait, why am I talking about this?

Everything has a reason why said...

leo, firs of all happy birthday dude, wish you lots more, i do hope you bathed for your bday! oh and what is the relation between bathing and easter bonies??

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Everything has a reason why: Long story short, I'm stubbornly rebellious.

Beth said...

Secret about Leo: He does bathe after playing football.

Good thing too!

I was good to see you dude, sorry I fell asleep during the movie.... I am getting old.

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Beth: So that's where you went. I didn't know Spider Man 3 was going to be that good.

Everything has a reason why said...

spider man 3-hmmn it was kinda dissapointing to me... oh and being rebelous is good in some ways, depends how you see it.