July 26, 2007

3 Things Learned in 3 years

Progress, regress, shit, fan, evolution, evaluation. Reevaluating my life has always brought me to better terms with my surroundings. Unfortunately, it appears that there's more to life than doing things for the betterment of one's own self and one's own self only (say that five times fast). Among a million other things that echo through the holes in peoples' faces, it has been brought to my attention that I've got to help the needy if I want to get into heaven. Well, before my audition, I’ll share with you 3 things learned in 3 years of evaluating my life as a human living with humans. 1 - Make time for friends. Sometimes we lose ourselves. We get lost, we change and we evolve. The changes seem perpetual at my age. Whether I’m moved to make positive changes or otherwise, the only people I have to bring me back, to remind me of what I was like in the past before I became this shit, are my friends. Friends remind me of the better me. They’ll remember things about yourself that you’ve long forgotten or never really realized; you’ll learn a great many from them. That said, it’s only fair to make time for them. So, don’t always be busy. Make time, show some love. 2- Google it, seriously. Never ask me questions while you’re online. With the internet at your finger tips, you shouldn’t be asking anyone for anything. Everybody knows the cliché but do you really understand it? It took me two semesters studying IT before it truly became an extension of me. Be it in the form of video clips, blogs, podcasts, wikis, it's all there — everything you'll ever need (well, almost). You plug it into Google and like magic they’re there for you baby. It’s the best thing since apple scented toilet paper. Make it a habit, Google everything. 3- Write it down. It’s very important to know our capabilities. I’ll forget that you were coming over at 2pm until you start hitting that button beside the door — talk about ring a bell. I’ll also forget phone numbers, email addresses, scheduled meetings, lunch, but not a single Manchester United game. So, to be gentle on myself, I write reminders in a 3.5” x 5” mini notepad. And surely, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself forgetting about/misplacing that notepad after a few days. When this happened, I had to set a permanent location for the thing and most importantly, I started to treat it with respect.


Tracy said...

We pick up life lessons almost everyday of our lives, but its amazing how some of them take longer to engrave into our minds, but whats important, is that they do in the end... My favourite is num 1. Glad you learned it... do need love.

Everything has a reason why said...

thanks for the insight leo...life can be so unexpected at times, we make plans, but sometimes God unravels them... i too loved number 1, sometimes friends are Gods way of saying sorry for some of the family he gave you,LOl well wish you luck in the getting to heaven part!!

Leal said...

1. Regarding Time and Friends: One person cannot live without another. People need someone to get mad with, to laugh with, and to talk to. About making time for them, that’s not possible all the time. About "Love" not sure what that means, to me it’s just a word left for us to give meaning to.

2. Regarding Google: Google is full of shit, but sometimes the shit is good. About never asking you questions when you’re online is ridiculous, because suppose I wanted to ask you where my CD drives and Keyboard are? I can't ask Google that, it’s not like Google is your Mother. Hmmmmm... Interesting!

3. Regarding Writing it down:
I admire paper, typography, and all relating to them. They are our friends.

PS: About heaven, these days it sounds like a fairy tale. For every action there is an equal reaction, energy is neither created or destroyed it is changed from one form to another. Try connecting that with religion you would be surprised with the connection.

Beth said...

Now that I read it I will have to comment, although I am sure we have had this conservation more then once... There is one relationship that you will need to get to Heaven. Helping others and spreading the love is just about it. I am glad that you value me a a friend enough to take out time to hang with me. And thanks for being patient with me about that google thing. I love you for it.

Leal, Heaven is real. It might not be that cute fluffy place in the clouds... but think about it. If energy is neither created or destroyed, what happens to your energy when you die? Where did it come from before you were born? Heaven is not out dated... things nowadays are just foolish. That is my message for the day.

magikero said...

it's great that we at least give attention and recognize the stuff that we have learned..

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Beth: A friend as diverse as you one could not do without.

@Leal: "...suppose I wanted to ask you where my CD drives and Keyboard are?" — lol. Google is just a search engine.