February 15, 2012


I wake up this morning to find Caesar messing around with THE puppy outside. The thing looks hungry, very small and feeble.

The day goes by. I get home to a wet and sobbing puppy. Flees are springing all over the place.

Brother asks Ruben where he got the "malish" from. Apparently it's a mix chihuahua he bought for $5 from a "spranghead" in Corozal. He got it for my mom for Valentine's Day. Mom calls it Valentine but changes it to Valentina because another "spranghead" points out it doesn't have a pecker.

Brother protests that if he had brought such thing home, they'd bring down the house. Point taken.

Worst part is...there's a flee on my desk.


* Ice Queen * said...

Had a good laugh. . . what are you doing about the flees???

Leonardo Melendez said...

Just bathe ah up with some flee soap or so.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Came home one day and looks like somebody gave the dog away.

* Ice Queen * said...

Really! Or did you just make yourself believe that and got rid of it yourself?

freeze said...

Hey I had a female dog named Valentine. She had many small puppies which I sold for profit.