March 18, 2006

Finally, the site i've been working on for weeks is finally up (well, sort of). BelizeGifts is a developing enterprise. It emerged from what is currently 'Ceasar's Place', Belize's largest gift shop. If you're ever coming down the Western Highway, be sure to drop by. It's on the outskirts of San Ignacio, about a mile after Unitedville. You can't miss it. There's a big blue sign that says 'Caesar's Place', 'Art and Crafts', and some other thing, maybe 'internet' or so. There is still some work to be done. So, don't hesitate to give your 'constructive critiques' on the site; your input can make a difference.


Zamir Leiva said...

hey don't forget to take ur vitamins. dis is a great website, getting better day by
day, in no time dis will be a popular website. Join us

Caleb Ortega said...

Awesome! The website looks good, now that is finish I know you feel good. Save and added to the portfolio, COOL. Keep up doing sites like this you will be rich. Just remember me ok.


Tracy said...

SO FAR...GOOD!! You´re getting there...I bet when it is finally completed its gonna be GREAT! Remember...Nothing is ever perfect, there´s always room for improvement. But give your self some credit... you are getting better designing web sites day by day. Look back on your the first you did, and note the difference. Gotta give u props though...nice job! keep it up!
-Your number 1 Fan-

German Novelo said...

Buay dat website really cool. But u see that fade to white on the right side. Why dont u make it fade to some other color; it makes it look like it needs more color like if there is more to it but cant be seen.
i dont know if that was ur idea. but overall looks good. u need to see the kinds of picture u have there some of them look distorted. u know like when you take a low resolution pic and make it big and u can see the actual pixels. u good mein. ne
ways das how i see it just really take a second look at the pics ok. u need clear pics so people get a nice visual of what u have to offer and let them get intersted on it. people are very picky and they want the best product always as if though they will always be able to afford it.

Leonardo Melendez said...

Thanks for pointing that out G-bo.
I know i've messed with it across several browsers and it does have some browser bugs. That's what i'm working on lately. Programming with web standards is a long journey, especially to professionalism.

As with the distorted looking pictures, just hit the refresh button on your web browser and that should fix it (for the time being).