March 20, 2006

How Hard Do You Work?

How often do you work? And if any at all, how hard do you work? Like many a teenager, I hardly do anything (what a shame). I go home on weekends to play video games and visit my family nothing more nothing less. I can't remember the last time I did anything that would make me sweat. And that's exactly what has been bugging me since last weekend. What happened to the good old days when one would come home from school to find himself/herself a bunch of chores waiting to be done? What happened to the good old weekends when guys would go out and mow the lawn and chicks would....uh, do gooey chick stuff? It seems as if those days have come to past and next generation adolescents are getting lazier and lazier! The work our peeps used to do 20-30 years ago was nothing compared to the so-called 'work' we do these days. So, in tribute to the peeps and their years of hard work and for the sake of contemporary adulthood, this weekend we decided to do something for the folks they would least expect. In case you're wondering who that guy in the picture above is, it's my little brother. His job was to 'chop' the yard and I was 'supposed' to take down the Christmas tree. Ya, that's no typo, we still have our tree up! And thanks to my procrastination, I whimped out on my part (for no valid reason) and we STILL have a Christmas tree in our living room. This weekend I shall not fail; that tree WILL COME DOWN!(damn it!) And why will I do this again? Because my parents have spoilt me! What have you done to us mom and dad? Or better yet, with more thought, what have we done to ourselves?! All I can say is, we're gonna have a hell of a time when we step out into the real world if we don't wake up and start being more responsible.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not this shit is true, we young teenagers hafto buckle up, and start looking towards d future of our live as hard working young people in society. well this is certainly tru, it OPENED MY EYES.

Caleb Ortega said...

Hey men, that’s nothing compare to what other teenager or young adults have to do. I thank God that I have my mom and dad to support me.
Well is a nice experience to do once in a while some cleaning up. Especially when you become a parasite and they do everything for you, you will become SPOIL as you sayed.

That is like the worst. My mom is like the same thing with me. But when I see other people that I know they have to work because they need money in order to buy food. We are privileged. Thanks to God and our parents. Let’s take our parents into more consideration and try to support them. That is the way to go, there is work to do.

When you have a something to do reach there and when you reach there. You will see more work to do.

Good Job


Leonardo Melendez said...

I'm glad to hear that people are alreadyopening their eyes.

I understand you Caleb. It's true, we are so lucky yet we take so much things for granted.

Efrain said...

bway daggy laggy.............ur xmas tree still deh up?.........u gan aff!......bway i kinda busy every weekend........gial tek up my time pan the weekend........long time we no go chill with chums and dem bally tru?........bway,funny how trhings d change fu everybody tru?.........but i still have paretns no spoil me........i still hav fu clean my room and wash dishes.......lataz

vic said...

Truth hurts mein!!! I know what ur talkin about-- all i have to do home is wash dishes and sweep on weekdays, weekends i do more. but how much more can that be??? its a real shame, and thats because i'm a girl.

Don't take me wrong, i know how to do lots of things, but put me to do a lil bit more than the usual, and i don't know if i'll be able to handle it!!!

Good topic leo, i know everyone can relate to that.

Tracy said...

How often do I work? Hmmm...Everyday! Living away from home calls for it. I have to wash dishes, sweep, mop, cook... And even when I go to home, I bet they would still expect me to do the same(but they gonna cook for me...yay!!!, i miss real home cooked meals) So leo I would say im not as unfortunate as you. We´ve grown up in completely different households; my lil´bros still have to mow the lawn every two weeks and might I add, that they wash dishes at least twice a week, and also sweep and mop(if thats your idea of gooey chick stuff). I dont believe that guys should not do so called girl chores. Thanks to my parents for not letting my brothers grow up that way...hey, sometimes keenan cooks for me! Maybe you should help around the house without being asked to do so...its gonna boost up your energy and u gonna feel useful around the house. ...And if you nada to do at ur casa..and u feel like working...u can always drop by my casa. lol!

Leonardo Melendez said...

Wow! People actually do work and don't 'play work'!

It seems that i'm the only one that's lazying up. Or am I?

Did I mention that I:

1- Wash the night dishes on an every-other-week basis.

2 - Sweep the porch and deck every other day.

3 - Mop the above once a week.

4 - Keep my room in order

5 - And finally, post blog entries at least twice a week.

Of course these things I do only when I'm boarding. I've come to realize that working at home is much more critical and to some extent, vital.

To the guys that need some spontaneity:

I do believe Tracy is right; we gots to do some 'girly' stuff now and again. Doing this at an early age will give us the edge we'll need when we get married and want to please our wives! Sounds great doesn't it?

So, we (that don't do 'enough') should start making ourselves a little more useful around the house while we're still around.

And for crying out loud, don't have your peeps telling you to go clean your room!