March 7, 2006

Group Work and Presentations

Today I missed two classes. Why? A presentation for Technical Writing had me working all day long. Well, not quite, I got to San Ignacio around 4pm and I worked until 6pm. Anyhoo, I am definately a bad procrastinator. Or, 'just maybe' Technical Writing demands too much. Not! My group members really let me down today or so I thought. One handed up his part of the presentation five minutes before the class, another typed up his' during class, and the other, well, for some strange reason, she ditched us minutes before our presentation! So we never got a taste of what she had to hand up. Mind you that all of their work should have had been submitted from last week! This just goes to show that: 1 - People are really busy 2 - Some people find nothing wrong in ditching their group members at 'last minute' (not pointing any fingers here) 3 - Some people have no problem with taking a bullet for the team Luckily, to remedy the situation of having a man down, we had Javier Romero in our group, the bad bitch of speech delivery; we sometimes refer to him as 'the voice of the west'. He and Elmer backed us up tonight, thanks fellas. It was funny. While we were waiting on the 'ditcher' to 'hopefully' return, the ingenious Javier entertained the class with a recap of what we had presented. When he had no more to say (or so we thought), there was a slight pause as if to say that the 'ditcher' was about to re-enter the room, but she didn't and just as we thougth he had no more to say, Javier began again, this time talking about a few things we had missed out and what was the 'ditcher' would have presented. This continued for a while until we realized that we were truly ditched so we just closed off without her. Overall, I believe our group made the best of a bunch of sucky presentations. I must admit working with group members is no easy task. One thing I regret not doing was getting their phone numbers; by doing so, we could have delivered a solid presentation. Tonight I endured what was another crazy but priviliged experience as a student at Sacred Heart College. SHC rocks!


Anonymous said...

As you can see people are busy!. Well I hope you learn your lesson so you can apply it for c programming. We have to do this project and this coming week Mr. Johnston wants to see something about the project so he can give the approval.

Well tomorrow I have a midterm exam (software troubleshooting) I don’t really know on what I think this is going to be mess up. At the end I just want a good grade. Thanks for the pdf file on ADT.

Wish you luck keep it up always be encourage to you job.

Today I learn this reading in on a site:

8 Success Secrets from Motivational Experts are:

1. Take 100 percent responsibility for your life
2. Live your life "on purpose"
3. Be willing to pay the price for your dreams
4. Stay focused
5. Become an expert in your field
6. Write out a plan for achieving your goals
7. Never give up
8. Don't delay

I printed out and taped it in the wall so I can read it every day. Is good to always be motivated never to give up especially if you getting tired of school.
Caleb Aaron Ortega

Leonardo Melendez said...

This is the kinda stuff I want on my blog. Very nice list Caleb! I think I might do just that (print and stick) as soon as I get my own wall to stick it on. Which should be pretty soon, you should know that.

I have a good feeling about the final C project. I think proper planning and synergy can bring us success!

Andronico Tut said...

I like the 8 success secredts from the motivational experts. Sometimes it's easy to write motivational words, but do you think what you read or write can be practiced. I have a lot of motivational words, but some times it's hard for me to live by these words. I have learned that we must live one day at a time. Don't worry about tomarrow. Tomarrow brings it's own worry. So whatever you find to do today, do it with all your might. Since I will have a mid-term exam, I pray to God that He can help me because I know it's going to be a mess.

A. Tut

Monz said...

DAmmit u seriously seem stressed out with all the bulk of work u getting, to make it a lil easy for u i think ure confidience and dedication in ure work is the biggest motivation thats something always to keep in mind... As long as u try ure best not even the angels can do better dont worry about getting the highest and all just do ure best and nobody cant
top that and for sure u will be proud of ureself trust me.. know by experience ... oh yea and never give up!!! you should always have this intention in ure mind...I will not stop. I will not slow down. I will not surrender. I will win. I will triumph. I will never, ever quit. Remember winners are just losers who got MAD! Keep on keeping on...whatever it takes just make the impossible possible... i always believed that it would be fun to do the impossible seriously cause then once what u though was impossible became possible through ure own hard work...i gonna end this comment with this (Excellence Inspires; Excel Ahead!!!!!)

Leonardo Melendez said...

Uh monz, who seems stressed out?

shanda said...

Your project didn't really suck...that bad..LOL! It was a wicked cover up though.You know what I would have don? I would've just excluded her then and there. If presentation day comes and you haven't done anything, then you're not in the group. noone is worthy enough to jeopardize my grade. I don't care who doesn't like it but I rule with an IRON FIST:) Oh,Give me my props too, I may not be the next Dean Barrow (like Javier) but u can't deny I kick ass on presentations too.....

Leonardo Melendez said...

Interesting Shanda, queen of the IRON FIST tournament. It's like the dog eat dog phenomenom all over again.

Surely, the 'voice of the west' did a good job covering up there! That's the spirit! You know, I've never seen such an occurence in my life. The guy is very outgoing. Thanks for showing me the light Javy.

And back to Shanda my dear friend, your presentations are always an awe to me. You're loud, concise, clear, and in-depth informative. And not to mention... pregnant! Hey everybody, the spotlight is on Shanda, she's going to have a baby!!! Is'nt that cool?

Anonymous said...

yeah i feel u my brother the same thing happened to me when i was at school and i said to my self u know what this the first and last and if i had to i gave group members work the same day the presentation was given and just checkup with them now and then. But might i mind u i still did all the work just in case.

Leonardo Melendez said...

To anonymous above: LOL
I can't believe you'd actually do an entire group presentation just to be on the safe side. I think you got a lot of experience working with those sorts.