November 19, 2007

Picture Sundays: Garifuna Settlement Day Edition

A day late but coming at you with some fresh pictures of Garifuna Settlement Day 2007. All pictures were taken in Orange Walk Town. View the entire album here. Enjoy.

Note: Some pictures, like this one, can be magnified. Be sure to take advantage.

Update:Garifuna Settlement Day 2008 in pictures.


Tracy Tillett said...

I hear they do this every year, but hmm, I'm sleeping at this time, lol. Nice shots, mirror waters,canoe bright colors... quite lively.

Legit? I wondered about her too...

freeze said...

I didn't know they had Garifuna in OW. Next thing u'll see Mennonite Day in Dangriga LOL.

Your mom very brave to get in a canoe. Dat's cool.

Beth said...

Very nice. I should have been

Tracy Tillett said...

I didn't know they had Garifuna in OW Thats pretty normal, but
Mennonite Day in Dangriga... Lets not get carried away now, Freeze. Haha

Beth said...

But seriously... I was surprised last year to learn it was a big thing in OW.... In Cayo it is just a day off.

But yeah, what would we do on Mennonite Day? Eat cookies for fasbah? (however you spell it...) or faat and vernaicha (worst... I don't speak that language how do I plan on SPELLING it).