November 3, 2007

Picture Sundays III

Another fascinating week has gone by. Yesterday, I came in from a photo assignment in Cayo that which I’ll share with you in a bit. Elsewhere, Manchester United put on a stellar performance at Emirates stadium against league rivals Arsenal. The highly anticipated match resulted in a stalemate which was enough to keep the smirk on my face alit throughout the weekend. And yes, me and my bird are doing fine, thank you for asking.

A Photo Assignment In Cayo

I was in Cayo this week working on an overdue project. My client, the one that runs a gift shop on the Western Highway, is enhancing his online presence and I’ve been taking product pictures like wild for the new endeavor. On a few instances, usually, when a sporadic lapse of boredom crept in, I felt the urge to do more with the objects at hand as was the case with the pictures that follow.

Decorative wooden horse before being placed in front of blank canvas for picture taking

During my time as an amateur photographer, I’ve realized that my best shots are those that have stemmed from emotion. It’s the type of excitement evoked often by a combination of unusual lighting, foreign location, or psychedelic colors that together create a unique, first-time experience of things. I hear myself saying, “This feels new” or “I like this feeling” when the mood seems right. It’s difficult and very rare to be able to capture these moments but it’s also gratifying to know that you’re able to capture and share them through a timeless still image.

Exotic vases modeled on rooftop at Caesar's Gift Shop along the Western Highway (behind)

If you’re ever in the area, drop by Caesar’s Gift Shop on mile sixteen down the Western Highway, fifteen minutes before San Ignacio, Cayo in Belize.

Nephi and Melina Become One

Nephi’s been insisting that I return to church ever since he returned from his mission in Ecuador. Traumatizing, it’s the worst case of peer pressure I’ve had since primary school. Last week I finally made my way to the edifice, not to attend official church ceremony but to witness him and counterpart Melina united in matrimony. The couple, both Latter Day Saints, became one on Saturday October 27 of this year.

Newly wedded, Nephi and Melina, after wedding ceremony at LDS church; Orange Walk Town, Belize.


It’s changed drastically since the last time I took a picture of it. It’s a sign. It needs to be replaced; our country has been defaced.

Worn Belizean flag battered by Hurricane winds; Orange Walk Town, Belize

Thanks for the time, hope you enjoyed.


Daniel H. Schluckebier said...

Nice shots, every time i look at the flag i laugh...
Whats with the bird, what bird?
Wedding? Lots of food and I'm no where near invited...
Does your hand tremble when you take shots? I want do something new something never done before or at least not by many.

Domanick said...

you seem to have one of the "cool" jobs. I'm jealous =P.

I can't belize Arsenal is all of a sudden competing with the top dogs with all their talent practically depleted.

I don't really watch the English primiere... unless they be playing an Italian team.

Vicky said...

Nice shots! I like the pics u took for the gift shop in Cayo...really creative!

The wedding pics are nice. Makes me feel like getting married [u know i'm just kidding right?!?!]

Ur the next Tony Wrath?! :O

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Daniel: Tell you about the bird later. No, my hands don't tremble or at least not much.

@Domanick: Similar to the effect of Ruud van Nistelrooy's departure from United, with Henry gone, Arsenal have picked up a new and improved style of football. There's enough young seeds to keep the game at a lively pace. Everybody knows Henry fatigues too quickly; it's ovary for Henry, ovary I tell ya.

@Vicky: We knows that deep down inside you wanted to marry that guy but mom wouldn't approve. We knows the truths. It's Tony Rath btw.

Vicky said...

haha! nah! u can't possibly know that! i loves my independence :P

sorry for d typo :$

Tracy Tillett said...

Glad to hear you had a great week,
Horses and Birdies... reminders of a fairytale. Nice creativity, displaying the products(thumbs up).

Time did change your thoughts, I remember when you wanted to go on a mission yourself, and now, "Traumatizing..."

Next? Vicky's wedding pics? :O

Flag? It has now deteriorated into something else.

Absolutely love Picture Sundays :)

Leonardo Melendez said...

@T.T.: It was the weekend that put the icing on the cake. It all started on Friday afternoon... How was yours? Regarding that mission, enough time made me realize I just wasn't that type, so I quit church to avoid the pressure, for now.

Beth said...

I did not see a bird. What bird? I am lost!

I agree with Vicky, the wedding pictures are heart warming and they send hopeful thoughts thrilling to my brain. But realistically I love my freedom for right now. The thrill is just a thrill unto further notice.

Sad flag.

Beth said...

You were in Cy and never saw me.....

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Beth: Dearest Beth, sorry I couldn't make it to San Ignacio last week but I promise I will next time, and yes, we'll get some pictures in this time.

Tracy Tillett said...

Lol. It all started on Friday afternoon... more stories, how fun. Yay, Friday afternoon was great! Mine was pretty good too, I'm still having flashbacks of Sat night too. Sunday night was a lil gloomy though,
All in all, good, anxiously awaiting the weekend again.

Beth said...

What can I say? I guess I can't be too accusing. When was the last time I showed up at your house (Don't answer that).

Everything has a reason why said...

hey: i love picture sundays
i like the wedding one... start practicing for my own! sooo what about the bird???

Leonardo Melendez said...

Fellas, fellas, did I say bird? I meant octopus... not! Muhahaha! I'll tell you about the bird later, in person.

Beth said...

I am still confused.