November 14, 2007

A List of Design Books for the Holidays

Some design books leave Houston in October. They arrive late Monday night and when they do, I escort them to my sty then walk out closing the door behind.

I start walking around the house in circles like I always do, this time overjoyed instead of paranoid, talking to myself and screaming as if my team had just scored a goal. It takes a few minutes before I settle down and regain consciousness.

After the ritual, I proceed to my room. I flick the lights on and this is what I see...

Smiling boxes from Amazon containing design books for breakfast, lunch, and supper.Smiling boxes from Amazon containing design books for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Three boxes smiling at me. Damn Amazon and their clever marketing. The boxes look happy to see me. I respond and we all embrace the moment.

Later, someone tells me that one of the boxes got wet passing through Mexico but I don’t fall for it. I take them out one by one to find nasty watered-down stains on some of them; some pages are bonded together. I glance at it and conclude that it’s just style.

I also find out that I’m two books short but this doesn’t ruin the moment. I welcome those that made it with warmth.

Then I scan them thoroughly, admiring design and form, fondling the varying paper textures, breathing in the fresh scent of new pages, all done with love. They are no longer virgins.

After inspection, they are assembled for picture taking.

From grid systems to typography, from color theory to the design of everyday things — my sleepless nights begin today with the turn of a page.

I pick up my favorite and start walking around senselessly again.

Look at me, I’m happy and all set for Christmas.


Tracy Tillett said...

Your kids are here! I can only imagine how excited you are, especially after hearing about these books for weeks now, or maybe more than a month. Sleepless night indeed.

Happy for u, but a lil sad at the same time(you know why). I like your energy, enthusiasm, dedicated, curiosity, drive...
Enjoy your books.

Roy Rosado said...

Finally...i can't imagine how u hearing about these books from i can borrow a see a couple i'm interested
enjoy fahmbly...see u in a couple months....i know you'll be in hibernation...cooped up in your till you're done...

Daniel H. Schluckebier said...

Well start heating some water for the Milo and arm yourself with the glasses of weird frame and don't forget that people around you still need some of your attention, don't put all into the books...

Well like everyone wishes you to enjoy your book I also hope you enjoy and understand everything you read. have patients

Later Dude

Beth said...

Merry Christmas!
looks like you have your harem there. I am so happy for you. I am also looking out for a set of books too.

Who shipped them for you?

Beth said...

BTW if you read anything I might like pass them down. I am trying to broaden my interest.

Vicky said...

You must be the happiest man alive!!!
Just lookin at all those books made me get sleepy :$

I can hear ur enthusiasm already.. just by reading this post. I agree with Danny, 'don't forget some ppl around u still need ur attention'... I hope Danny wasn't talkin about himself :S haha!

Domanick Fabro said...

I know exactly how you feel, I had the sam experience when I had pre-ordered the harry potter book. Those anxious days of anticipation were almost unbearable. When it finally reached I was as giddy as a school girl opening it open.

And damn Amazon for those plush boxes

(links or html tags wont work here, or do they?)
Excuse my messy desk, its my room, but I'm never actually in there. Pig sty really.

p.s. - lets change that description "as giddy as a school girl" to "as happy as a fat boy with chocolate cake"

Leonardo Melendez said...

> I see a couple i'm interested in

Hands off the precious Pollos!

@Beth: Shipping via Amazon would cost a pretty penny especially when your order is split up in separate packages as was the case here. The first real option was the local Sterling Freight in Cayo. Turned out too much of a hassle because of the same split package stuff. Last resort was to have them shipped to my sister, she would bundle them and send. She was being a pain so I shipped them to my dad's friend and he sent them with his brother who happened to be en route to Belize via Mexico. And that's how things are done around here.

> as happy as a fat boy with chocolate cake

Reminds me of Matilda.

Domanick Fabro said...

Matilda? Gawd, I would have to go deep into the archives to have even come up with that one.. I wonder whatever happened to the child actor that played her... the only other movie I remember her from is Mrs. doubtfire. (check spelling)

Beth said...

I was just thinking about that movie today. Chocolate cake fat boy indeed. How much reading have you done so far Leo?

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Beth: Bits and pieces all over. They are mostly used as references so I don't expect a cover to cover approach for the most part.

coolingstar9 said...

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Caleb Ortega said...

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