November 9, 2007

Of Vintage Proportions: A Look Back at Prom 2003

Actual Adidas shoe box, peppered with dust, protected by that wicked, stylish spider web effect.

A few weeks ago, while cleaning out what mom calls my sty, I came across an old shoebox where I stored memorabilia of my convoluted teenage years. Inside was a collection of pictures, letters, postcards, souvenirs, old ID cards, strands of hair, scents — the antiquated box held reflective material of interesting people and events that came before. Noteworthy was a series of prom pictures I recovered from my high school days.

In the summer of 2003, prior to my senior year of high school, on a magical Friday evening, I went to prom.  It was Tracy's senior prom and I was invited to be her gentleman for the night. At the time I was 16, yet in my 3rd year, and was fortunate to have experienced prom before my junior classmates.

Social events were never my bag and as such, there was nothing thrilling about the occasion except that it was my first and I was queasy. An uncomfortable experience it turned out, when I stepped through the door a complete stranger among T.T.’s senior classmates. But there she was, by my side the entire time, relieving the discomfort. Thank you T.T. and forgive me for posting these pictures without consent.

Leonardo and Tracy at Muffles College High School Prom 2003. View larger versions here.

Looking back, it did seem like much fun. Not certain if I’d allow myself to dress up like this again, but if you fancy it, who am I to let you down?


Vicky said...

U still got me in shock! Nice surprise though! You two lookin really young.. babyfaces :P

Sure brings back memories... although not too nice ones for me lol (I tore my prom pics :S)

Nice post! I bet tracy will surely appreciate it!

Daniel H. Schluckebier said...

Dude, you look hardcore...I saw Beth with a hat almost like that at school, she looked funny but i guess we all have our weird moments.Damn it! when you coming?

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Vicky: Appreciate? Not sure if that's the right word. Why'd you destroy your pics!?

@Daniel: This is not the right place to do this but, I miss you too!

Domanick said...

wow, it never ceases to amaze me how different we look when we are young. You should hold onto those momentous so that you can rediscover them in another 20 years and relive the nostalgia.

ps. babbyface was indeed the adjective I was looking for. lol.

Vicky said...

ummm.. no comments on that question... if i answer it i'll sound tooo mean!

when tracy reads this, she'll know why I did it ha!

Vicky said...

btw i was talkin bout the destruction of my pics

Leonardo Melendez said...

@Vicky: Sounds terri-b-b-ble yet worthy of inquiry. What did Cawich do you?

Vicky said...

i don't know if i'd have the answers to that question... but u said in ur previous post.. i'll share with you in person ;)

and thanks for mentioning names. hmph! :P

freeze said...

Let me guess. She made sure your clothes were ironed nicely? (:

Tracy Tillett said...

Vicky is not the only one in shock. lol... I'm exposed. :O
Weird pics mein,haha. I know Leo loves them though for that same reason, cant take that away from him. We were so tiny back then. Haven't grown much, haha. But I think we look a lil older.

Vicky: I still hold a clear picture of you at the time of destroying these pics... really annoyed. U're nuts chic. I'm glad mine weren't torn, but I cant find my set of prom pics, or my grad pics :S:(
Thanks to Leo, we still have these... lifesaver!

Freeze: I didn't have to force him to iron his clothes. He was nicely groomed.

Last dance was Guns n Roses "November Rain", my corsage was made of real lilac flowers, it was pretty.

Everything has a reason why said...

OMG... LOVE IT>>> you too look soo youn and innocent... oh to be able to remain that way huh? good pix guys

Beth said...

What Can I say? I am speechless.

You two look so sweet.

I am glad your room is clean. Mine is now too! We both grew up!

Roanna Carballo said...

wow!!! this brings back sooo much memories.... *sigh! so much planning went into that prom tho. Vicky, sorry but everytime i think about 4th form memories i remember u making hotdogs at my Tracy, i think i may have some grad n prom pics in a shoe box somewhere...